Boston-Ireland Med Tech Conference, 28 October 2010

Centre for Innovation & Structural Change Conference


Transforming Manufacturing Hubs into Internationally Competitive Clusters in Medical Technology: The Experiences of Massachusetts and Ireland


Thursday 28th October 2010

Bailey Allen Hall

National University of Ireland, Galway


The Irish Med Tech cluster is comprised of approximately 120 companies creating over 24,000 jobs. The cluster is driven by the significant presence of large foreign-owned subsidiaries whose capabilities lie in manufacturing as well as product and process development activities. The evolution and dynamics of this cluster is very different to that of Massachusetts. The industrial ecosystem that has developed in Massachusetts comprises of supporting infrastructure and actors solely focused on the growth of the Med Tech cluster. As a result Massachusetts is now recognised as one of the leading R&D centres for Med Tech activity in the US.


As Ireland now seeks to make the transition to a new business model based on research as well as manufacturing focused development, the need to understand the capabilities and conditions necessary to support this development is paramount.


The purpose of this one-day conference is to learn about the cluster in Massachusetts, particularly the institutional model employed, and discuss the future path for Irelandís Med Tech sector. Taking a triple helix approach - industry, academia and Government -, the conference will provide insight into what needs to be achieved to transform Irelandís Med Tech hub into an internationally competitive cluster where a strong research as well as manufacturing base synergistically coexists. The invited speakers from Boston include an entrepreneur from MIT and the Director of the Massachusetts Medical Device Development Centre (M2D2), which houses and supports Med Tech start-ups. The event is aimed at people from industry and public policy agencies as well as academics and will provide a unique opportunity to forge links between Med Tech organisations in the two regions.