5th International George Moore Conference, June 3-6, 2011



NUI Galway, Moore Hall, Mayo, Coole Park, Galway: June 3-6 2011

George Moore (who has been re-writing Evelyn Innes and Sister Teresa for the last year) has now turned with renewed ferocity to his farewell book. He told me a couple of weeks ago: “Russell, I have just written over 2000 words about you.” I nervously enquired whether I might see them, but he said: “No, you will see them later on,” and I don’t know what the fiend has written. Anyhow, we are good friends and I don’t think he intends to say anything very hard. I think he is probably keeping most of his satire for the church and W.B.Y.
George Russell (AE) to John Quinn, April 27 1909.

2011 marks the one hundredth anniversary of the publication of Ave. Bearing this in mind, the focus of this conference will concern the relationship of George Moore to the Irish Revival and to those involved in various social/cultural/political movements in Ireland during the first decade of the twentieth century.  Since a portion of the conference will be held at Moore Hall, we will also welcome papers concerning the Moore family and estate.

Keynote Speakers

Professor James Pethica – Williams College

Professor Lucy McDiarmid – Montclair State University

Professor Mark Llewellyn – University of Strathclyde

Professor Robert Welch – University of Ulster

Friday 3 June-Saturday 4 June: Moore Institute, NUI Galway
Sunday 5 June: Moore Hall, Co Mayo.
Monday 6 June: Coole Park, Co Galway.

The conference will be hosted at the Moore Institute for Friday/Saturday, before travelling to Moore Hall on Sunday to hear one keynote speaker and a presentation on the history of Moore Hall by researchers on the Irish Landed Estates Project. Participants will enjoy a boating trip to Castle Island and hopefully a visit to Ballintubber Abbey. There will be a production of Tom Kilroy’s play Dreaming House staged on Saturday evening. The conference dinner will take place on Sunday night.


On Monday, the conference will travel to Coole Park, where Professor James Pethica will deliver a paper on Moore’s collaborations at Coole. The conference will visit Thoor Ballylee on the return journey, before calling to 'Moran's on the Weir' for refreshments.

Conference Fee: €100 to include all conference materials, tea/coffee/lunch on Fri/Sat, transport to and from Moore Hall and Coole Park, picnic lunch at Moore Hall, admission to Dreaming House by Tom Kilroy.


Not Included: Boat Trip to Castle Island on Lough Carra, Conference Dinner, Lunch at Coole Park, Guinness/Chowder at Moran’s on the weir.

All enquiries to conference coordinator:

Conor Montague

Moore Institute

NUI Galway