Regional Innovation: A Catalyst for Sustainable Economic Growth in the BMW Region, November 4th 2011

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BMW Regional Assembly and Centre for Innovation and Structural Change
Joint Conference

Regional Innovation: A Catalyst for

Sustainable Economic Growth in the BMW Region

Friday 4th November 2011

Bailey Allen Hall
National University of Ireland, Galway

The impact of the economic recession has begun to reveal differences in the performance and resilience of Ireland’s regions, while at the same time there is a growing recognition that effective regional innovation systems are central to ensuring a dynamic response to the challenges posed by the constrained economic environment in which we now operate. The OECD has recently highlighted the imperative of ensuring that regional innovation systems operate at their optimum level. In their report Regional and Innovation Policy, the OECD observes that since technological knowledge is the principal source of sustainable growth, differences in knowledge, productivity and technology can explain the large, long-term differences in growth across countries and regions. Reflecting upon major international agendas such as the EU’s Innovation Union flagship initiative and the OECD Innovation Strategy, they identify the increasing role of regions in this renewed push for innovation and sustained competitiveness. Supporting evidence for this is found firstly, in the paradigm shift in regional development policies favouring strategies based on the mobilisation of endogenous regional assets for growth, which ultimately has brought innovation to the core of regional development agendas. Secondly, the emerging global recognition of the regional dimension in national innovation strategies - however the OECD emphasise that “regions are not countries and cannot simply replicate national policies at a regional scale”.

It is this context that the Border, Midland and Western Regional Assembly and the Centre for Innovation and Structural Change in NUI Galway have organised a conference on the theme of “Regional Innovation: A Catalyst for Sustainable Economic Growth in the BMW Region”. This conference brings together a range of expert speakers to address this theme and provides a unique opportunity for key policy makers, delivery agencies, academic researchers and industry representatives to engage with this important emerging policy issue. The results of a comprehensive study of the performance of the innovation system and knowledge-intensive services in the BMW Region will be presented, along with the launch of a new practical initiative to develop further the Medical Devices sector in the Region. Further contributions from international and local experts on the theme will be supplemented by an insight from industry. A panel discussion will conclude proceedings and provide an opportunity for delegates to engage in the subject.

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Conference Brochure: Click HERE to download.