VentBase Workshop, April 10-12, 2012

Ventbase is a workshop with the aim of standardising methods used for assessing the ecological impacts of commercial mineral extraction at seafloor massive sulfides (SMS) deposits. Methods that will be introduced and discussed include appropriate survey design, state of the art molecular approaches for assessing geneflow and connectivity, plankton/larval sampling, macrofaunal studies, video/photographic time series and statistical approaches.


A primary goal of VentBase is the production of a best practice document that can inform stakeholders and highlight the most up to date methodologies, both current and soon to be available.


The workshop will use a relaxed format to facilitate communication among participants with presentations from experts in the field followed by discussion sessions. Participants will be facilitated in their exploring of the West of Ireland and their enjoyment of the famous city of the tribes, Galway City.


Due to space and cost constraints only a limited number of applicants will be able to attend.