International Conference on Civic Engagement and Service Learning, June 23 & 24, 2005

The Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching at the National University of Ireland, Galway is please to host the International Conference on Civic Engagement and Service Learning. This conference will address the civic mission of higher education, focussing on the links between universities, students and the wider society. It will explore issues such as embedding service learning activity in academic programmes, civic education, voluntarism and participative democracy, as well as tackling practical issues of implementation, curriculum design and assessment.

Service Learning is a pedagogical tool which enables students to learn about, and explore, issues vital to society, inside and outside the classroom. Students learn from engaging with communities by active participation or ‘service’. Voluntary groups, charities, non-profit organisations, NGOs, etc, all fit within our broad definition of "community." Academic staff guide students through this process and a key objective of Service Learning is to enable a sense of social responsibility and greater civic engagement.

Conference leaflet (pdf file)
Conference poster