Evidence Based Practice in Speech & Language Therapy, July 9-10, 2012

The Discipline of Speech & Language Therapy is delighted to invite you to the following two workshops on 'Evidence Based Practice in Speech & Language Therapy' presented by Dr. Jan Broomfield.

Day 1:  Developing an Evidence Based Children's SLT Service (9th July, 2012)

Day 2:  Evidence Based Management of Children with Speech Disorder (10th July, 2012)

There has been an increase in the emphasis on evidence-based practice (EBP) across all health disciplines, including speech and language therapy. Speech and language therapists are encouraged to use EBP in clinical practice. These workshops will be of interest to clinicians and managers delivering services to children with speech and language impairments. They will provide opportunities to consider implementation of EBP, in relation to individual case management through to the redesign of Children’s Services. The underlying principles can be adapted to other clinical populations.