HPV and Head & Neck Cancer Symposium, 17 May, 2013

*** September 4th 2013 - Video presentations are now available in the "Presentation Slides" section. 

2-minute public health educational video about HPV and Head and Neck Cancer is also available

Prof. Sara Pai, Prof. William Westra & Dr. Brenda Corcoran video & slide presentation is also available  ***


*** Symposium is on Friday May 17th ***

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NUI Galway and Galway University Hospitals are pleased to announce a symposium on the causal role of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) in Head and Neck Cancer. The intention of the symposium is to discuss the various clinical and public health responses to this emerging epidemic.

Key questions to be addressed:

  • HPV Detection methods in head and neck cancer - What algorithm works best?
  • Should treatment & management differ for a HPV+ head and neck cancer patient?
  • What is the economic burden of HPV-associated head and neck cancers?
  • Is it time to vaccinate boys against HPV?