Maths and Education-2nd Research Symposium,25 March 2013

Mathematics and Education - 2nd Annual Research Symposium

"Never stop striving, never stop learning, never stop teaching"

25th March 2013

School of Education, NUI Galway

This symposium is organised by 4th Year BA Mathematics and Education students in the School of Education, National University of Ireland Galway.

Contributors include:

  • Prof. Bob Cunningham (Professor of Mathematics, The College of New Jersey)
  • Dr. Lisa O Keeffe (Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Limerick)
  • Dr. Judy Paterson (Department of Mathematics, University of Auckland)
  • Prof. Jon Davis (Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Western Michigan University)
  • 4th Year BA Maths and Education students (presentation of research projects)

We invite secondary school principals, teachers of mathematics and applied matemathics and those with a keen interest in mathematics education to join us for a stimulating symposium to be held in a collaborative atmosphere in the vibrant and welcoming campus of NUI Galway.

You may register online here

There is no charge for the conference. Refreshments will be provided

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