Reframing Islam: Politics into Law Conference, September 10/11, 2005

The importance of Islam in both the domestic and international political landscape is unquestionable. Recent events have highlighted certain aspects of Islam. Issues related to contemporary political Islam occupy the writings of academics, journalists and commentators. Yet little attention has been paid to what exactly Islamic political thought is and the way its political ideas originated, developed and changed over the past 1400 years. Islamic political movements today are rooted in Islamic political thought, its ideas and historical precedents, and their actions and ideas cannot be understood without an awareness of this topic. The Irish Centre for Human Rights, National University of Ireland's two day conference, Reframing Islam: Politics into Law, will explore the multifaceted nature of Islam, both its political, social, cultural and religious dimensions and how these, ultimately, impact and shape law. Day one of this two-day conference will examine the political, social, and cultural components of Islam. Day two will focus on some of the international legal and normative questions to flow from Islam.

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