InterTradeIreland All-Island Innovation Lecture, 24th April 2013
Public Lecture by Professor Gerry George

The Whitaker Institute for Innovation and Societal Change at NUI Galway is delighted to host the InterTradeIreland All-Island Innovation Lecture 2013.


Innovating With ‘Hard Constraints’:

How Low Cost Innovation is Changing

What We Do


Professor Gerard George
Vice Dean, Imperial College Business School


Date: Wednesday 24 April 2013

Time: 6:30 pm (reception from 6:00pm)

Location: CA111 (Lecture Hall 1), Cairnes Building, NUI Galway

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How can you make products useful to an expanding global market? Innovation

is about bringing new ideas to market and changing the way we do things to create

and capture value for customers. In his lecture Professor George will discuss the

need to transform a culture to innovate within constraints. He will focus on the

'principles of inclusive innovation' to inspire discussion on how to radically transform

innovation practices by placing hard constraints on design, development and delivery

of products and services.

Professor Gerry George is Vice Dean of the Business School and Director of the

Rajiv Gandhi Centre at Imperial College London. He has conducted extensive research

into areas such as capabilities and innovation in new ventures and

technology-intensive firms, organisation design and business models, and

entrepreneurship and resources.

This lecture will be of interest to established organisations and businesses, start-ups, government bodies, policy makers and anyone who is interested in stimulating the local economy.

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Professor Gerard George
Vice Dean, Imperial College Business School

Areas of Research

Organisation Design and Business Models especially coherence in how components of a business model fit together and its impact on performance.

Capabilities and Innovation in new ventures and technology-intensive firms. Research addresses the processes of capability development in organisations and the effects of timing, structure and pattern of capabilities on value creation. Projects include university technology transfer, scientist entrepreneurs, and innovation in start-ups.

Entrepreneurship and Resources. This area examines issues associated with the accumulation of resources during firm formation as well as the performance impact of resource utilisation patterns in firms. This research is conducted in different contexts, including in India and Africa.

The focus of many of these projects is on the impact of innovation and entrepreneurship on "inclusive growth".


Professor Gerry George is Vice Dean of the Business School and Director of the Rajiv Gandhi Centre at Imperial. The Centre facilitates Imperial College's strategic commitments in India for joint research initiatives and educational programmes in innovation and entrepreneurship. From July 2013, he will serve a three year term as Editor of the Academy of Management Journal, the flagship empirical journal in the field of management.

An award-winning researcher and teacher, Professor George has published several articles in leading scholarly journals. Professor George was awarded a prestigious Professorial Fellowship (2011-2014) from the UK's Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) to work on resource-constrained or inclusive innovation. His work investigates business models, organisational design, and its implications for innovation and entrepreneurship in multiple settings. He is co-investigator in a five-year Energy for Development collaborative project with Southampton University that studies the effects of rural electrification, community development and social enterprise.

Before that, he was an Advanced Institute of Management (AIM) Innovation Fellow (2007 - 2009) and examined technology entrepreneurship and growth of young firms.

His latest book (with Adam Bock) introduces a narrative approach on how entrepreneurs conceive and change business models to make an implausible idea into a viable growth opportunity, Models of Opportunity: How Entrepreneurs Design Firms to Achieve the Unexpected, (Cambridge University Press, 2012). His previous book Inventing Entrepreneurs: Technology Innovators and their Entrepreneurial Journey (Prentice Hall, 2008) addresses the human side of innovation and technology transfer.

He serves as a non-executive director of India Infrastructure Financing Corporation (UK) Limited, which provides dollar denominated financing for capital equipment in large Indian infrastructure projects such as power generation, urban mass transit, and ports among others.

Before joining Imperial, he held tenured positions at the London Business School, where he served as Faculty Director of the Institute of Technology, and at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he directed the Weinert Applied Ventures in Entrepreneurship Program. He received his PhD from Virginia Commonwealth University and MSc (Hons.) Biological Sciences and Master of Management Studies from Birla Institute of Technology & Science, India.

The InterTradeIreland All-Island Innovation Programme

The InterTradeIreland All-Island Innovation Programme aims to promote and encourage innovation across the island of Ireland. It brings international expertise in innovation to Queen’s University Belfast, NUI Galway, University College Cork and University College Dublin. Best international practice is shared with business leaders, students, academics, knowledge transfer professionals and policy makers in each region via innovation lectures, seminars and master classes. This Programme is organised by InterTradeIreland, Queen’s University Belfast, University College Dublin, University College Cork and NUI Galway.