Economics of Cancer Research Symposium, 2nd September 2013

Economics of Cancer Research Group Symposium

Monday 2nd September Bailey Allen Hall, NUI Galway


The Economics of Cancer Research Group is a Health Research Board Knowledge Exchange Dissemination Scheme (KEDS) funded initiative being undertaken at NUI Galway. This network is intended to facilitate communication and knowledge exchange among and between the research community and other stakeholders involved in cancer research including policy makers, the media, advocacy groups, clinicians and academics. This network will allow for an ongoing dialogue that will facilitate, conduct, and disseminate research as well as help to shape future research agendas of the economics of cancer. It is envisioned that the creation of this network will provide an infrastructure to bring together researchers and other stakeholders to initiate a dialogue on cancer research.
For further information please contact Brendan Walsh (HRB/NCI Health Economics Fellow)