6th National Social Marketing Conference, 16 April 2014

Citizens and Community Change
6th National Social Marketing Conference
NUI Galway, April 16th 2014.

Recognising empowered Citizens and Communities can bring about Change in the way we live and the environments we design, this 6th National Social Marketing Conference brings world known social marketing change experts, Professor Gerard Hastings, UK and Professor Rebekah Russell-Bennett, Australia,  together with researchers and leaders in the public and voluntary sector. The conference examines issues around change and the “mutually-reinforcing and integrated strategies and actions required to encourage, support, and enable people to make better choices for themselves and their families” (HI, 2014, p.24). Such participatory governance, indeed deliberative democracy innovation, talks to ‘whole-of-the-community’ and ‘whole-system-in-the-room’ processes to capture the diversity and distinctiveness of individuals and community stakeholders for democratic problem solving, priority setting, decision making, strategic large-scale action and open collaborative policy making.

Whether working in Health or the Environment, the Citizens and Community Change conference 2014 objectives are:-

1. To support the emerging academic and practice based network of social marketing, social innovation, behaviour change and policy researchers in Ireland and Europe.

2. To present behaviour and community change researchers with a multidisciplinary platform to communicate and disseminate their research and findings.

3. To show case best practice Citizen and Community Change research, case studies and mobilisation.

4. To provide a unique networking opportunity for researchers and scholars who seek social and community change in the fields of health promotion, local and national government, transport, Healthy Cities, community initiatives, public safety, environmental protection, science outreach, communication and mobilisation, charities and non-profits sectors.

5. To foster collaborations and partnerships with a holistic view towards Healthy Ireland and EU and

6. To think strategically about innovative sustainable citizen and community change.