Irish Diffusion Imaging Group (IDIG) Diffusion MRI Workshop, 15 December 2014

The Irish Diffusion Imaging Group (IDIG) is pleased to announce an upcoming Diffusion MRI workshop focusing on using ExploreDTI by Alexander Leemans.


This will be led by an introductory talk, followed by a workshop and finally a problem solving session where you can bring your data.


It will be one day long (9-4) on Monday December the 15th and held in the NUI Galway campus attached to the hospital UCHG.


We have limited stations and therefore must restrict the number of registered participants. So please register for one of our limited number of places as soon as possible via emailing or registering online.


The registration fee is 120 with a  10 surcharge for credit card payment and will include lunch, and tea breaks on-site on the day.


Please register at IDIG to join the mailing list for updates on future events