UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre 7th Biennial International Conference |11-12 June 2015







Building Family Support Systems 

UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre 7th Biennial International Conference 

11th & 12th June 2015 

Institute for Lifecourse and Society


Although highly valued in policy and academic discourse, Family Support often operates on the periphery of child and family serving systems, for example, in Child Protection and Welfare, Education and Mental Health systems.  Because of this, the full potential of Family Support actions to achieve positive change in the lives of families may not always be realised.  Taking its inspiration from the experience of Irelandís Child and Family Agency, Tusla which is beginning a process of embedding Family Support and Prevention within its service delivery model, the aim of this conference is to explore what happens when Family Support becomes a key strategic and action component in a service system. 

The conference which runs over two days debates key theoretical, policy and practice ideas and concerns, built on a series of plenary inputs from international experts in prevention and early intervention, family support, child protection, participation by children, and systems thinking,  and workshops led by academics/researchers and practitioners on these and related themes.

Key themes to be addressed across the plenary and workshop sessions include: Preventative Family Support Structures, Processes and Practices; Connecting Child Protection and Family Support systems; Participation of Children and Parents in Family Support; Creating Quality Family Support through Evidence-Informed Commissioning; Systems Approaches to Developing Family Support; Building Family Support Information Systems; and Helping Parents and Children Access Family Support services.


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Further Information: Gillian Browne, UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre

E-mail: Gillian.browne@nuigalway.ie, Telephone: + 353 (0) 91 49 5398