2015 - Mindful Way Conference, October 9-10

I’m delighted to invite you to join us on the Mindful Way 2015.

Educational attainment is a key to success in life and in one’s ability to learn and lead the next generation. We live in a rapidly changing society with increasing demands that require a balance in physical and mental well-being for optimal performance and progress. Mindfulness is about living in the present moment, observing and responding to thoughts and events non-judgementally and releasing the mind from the habitual patterns that lead to worry, stress and burn-out. It enables a sense of grounding and reflection for appropriate responses to challenges by helping individuals to develop their mental capacity for attention and well-being. 

National University of Ireland Galway is hosting a one and a half-day meeting on October 9 and 10, 2015 to bring mindfulness visionaries, higher education leaders and university students, staff and faculty together to share the evidence-based impact of mindfulness on performance, well-being, entrepreneurship and society.

Together, we will explore current challenges within society and organisations, and hear about the benefits of integrating mindfulness within the University, which will enable us to continue to serve the 21st century needs of: teaching, research and contribution to society through innovation and entrepreneurship.

NUI Galway has the opportunity to become one of the first European Universities to adopt a mindfulness culture. Investment in Mindfulness will bring about significant positive change in the lives of our students and our staff. It has the potential to radically transform, through its effects, the organisation, to improve and promote health and well-being of staff and to support the achievement of the University’s 2015 - 2020 Strategic Plan.

 This meeting is a part of NUI Galway’s journey towards a Mindful University.  I welcome you to join us and be part of the journey.

Lokesh Joshi
Vice President for Research