2016-Cellular Imaging and Flow Cytometry: Getting it right, Sept 21-23
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Cellular imaging and flow cytometry: getting it right.

This is a three-day workshop designed to introduce students to principles of experimental design and analysis in microscopy and flow cytometry, focusing on fluorescence methods.
Modern biology requires looking at and seeing into cells, quantitatively, in order to understand the mechanisms that drive cellular behaviour in health and disease. Microscopy and flow cytometry are two key methods that allow investigators to investigate the molecular anatomy and behaviour of cells and populations. Combining informative lectures, technical tutorials and practical sessions with microscopes, flow cytometry and image processing, this workshop seeks to introduce students to principles of good practice in these core methods.

On completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

 Understand practical elements of designing an imaging experiment.
 Know how to choose and use the best microscope for a fluorescence microscopy  experiment.
 Deal with imaging problems and know how to correct them.
 Understand the basics of flow cytometry and practical use of a flow cytometer
 Design cell cycle and cell death experiments for flow cytometry and be able to  interpret the data
 Understand image data integrity and management concepts and practice
 Understand basic concepts in image analysis
 Extract quantitative data from microscopic images.

15 students will be enrolled in the workshop. Students registered for a PhD at any Irish Higher Education Institution are eligible to apply. Attendance to the workshop is free and students will be provided accommodation in Galway.