2017 - eHealth Research and Innovation Network Launch, Wednesday14th June 2017
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Event Title: eHealth Research and Innovation Network Launch

 14th Of June 2017

Event Summary: The focus of the event is to bring key digital health stakeholders together to discuss, plan and begin the implementation of a national digital health research network with the aims of:

  1. Increasing strategic interdisciplinary eHealth Research and Innovation capacity in Ireland.
  2. Provide a platform for stakeholders to share digital research knowledge and resources
  3. Establish a collaborative network of interdisciplinary researchers and industry partners.
  4. To act, as a point of contact between research and industry.
  5. Act as a database for people to find digital health researchers and industry partners
  6. Foster links with international collaborators, national stakeholders to further develop ERIN

Event type: Full day and free -  Places are limited, pre registration is essential.

Event Location: School of Psychology, Room AMB G065

For further information please contact:

Dr Brian Slattery
School of Psychology
NUI Galway