2017 - Supported Decision Making Workshop (CDLP) 15th and 16th June


Supported Decision Making Workshop -  15th and 16th June 2017

(With Cher Nicholson Hosted by Centre For Disability Law and Policy)




This event will be held in Room PHY203, Physics Department, Arts and Science Building, National University of Ireland, Galway


Trainer: Cher Nicholson


This workshop is aimed at professionals.
Ireland will shortly enact the Assisted Decision Making (Capacity) Act 2015 which introduces supported decision making that will have legal status.


The workshop  will focus on developing supported decision making skills through an interactive workshop.  There are 20 places on the workshop so that there is an opportunity to practice the supported decision making skills. The workshop will provide a framework for you to have a purposeful conversation that will elicit a personís expressed wishes without bounds. It is essential that all participants attend both days of the workshop.


The purposeful conversations will keep you in a facilitator role rather than giving opinion or advice.  This model of Supported Decision Making skills has now been adopted in seven different countries.


Cher Nicholson has a broad range of experience and background with qualifications in Counselling, Mediation, Nursing, Financial Counselling, Clinical Supervision, and Workplace Assessing & Training. Having an acquired disability, and knowing how that can change othersí perception of her abilities, fuels her determination to help people with a disability believe in the possible, through the Supported Decision Making program that she has developed and now taken internationally.


Supported Decision Making and Article 12 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities has become real and tangible.  Supported Decision Making provides the mechanism to ensure the right to make your own decisions, with people of your own choosing, supporting you with behaviours that support your individual circumstances, values, and beliefs.   Cher is proud to have been part of leading the practice in Australia.


The cost of the workshop is Ä250 which includes the 2 day workshop and materials, refreshments in the morning and afternoon and lunch. Please note it does not include overnight accommodation.

For further information please contact:

Mary Faherty
Centre for Disability Law and Policy
Institute for Lifecourse and Society 
Upper Newcastle Road
National University of Ireland 
Tel: +353 91 495888
Email: mary.faherty@nuigalway.ie