2018 - Pensions: Inclusion, communication & accountability, 20-21 September

European Network for Research on Supplementary Pensions


Annual Conference

This conference is hosted by the Pension Policies Research Group (PPRG) and the National University of Ireland, Galway

Pensions are a major area of social policy.  They affect all residents who contribute to and/or benefit from a country’s pension system, currently or in the future.  Many governments are implementing reforms that increase participation in private occupational and personal pensions. These reforms bring issues of inclusion, communication, and accountability to the fore. What is the best way to include unpensioned groups (typically young, female, and/or low paid workers with weak labour market attachments) in a pension system? In a defined contribution and privatised pensions world, can communication and education encourage individuals to make better financial decisions to improve their future financial security?    As governments move to reduce over-reliance on public pensions, who is accountable for ensuring that future old age income is not eroded by fees and poor pension decisions?  These are some of the issues that will be discussed at this conference.

Conference organisers Maureen Maloney (NUI Galway) and Dr Michelle Maher (Maynooth University) look forward to welcoming colleagues from the academy, government organisations, civil society and private industry to this event.

Contributions to fund this conference were gratefully received from:
The Pensions Authority
The Registrar's Office, NUIG
The Irish Centre of Social Gerontology, NUIG
Discipline of Management, NUIG