2018 - Architecture at the Edge - Placemaking Workshop

Placemaking Symposium and Workshops

Connecting with the Future through Placemaking


O’ Donoghue Centre, NUI Galway,

 Friday, 09.30 - 17.00, 26 October, 2018


 This year’s Placemaking Symposium and Workshops will focus on the regeneration of Nun’s Island, led by NUI Galway with support from the urban design team at BDP, and the recent announcement of Galway City Council’s own Public Realm strategy. These two important initiatives will have a profound influence on the shaping and the future of Galway.

Join us for presentations and discussion in the morning followed by an afternoon of workshops on Nun’s Island, Galway’s Public Realm Strategy, and Placemaking in Towns and Villages.

The afternoon workshop on placemaking in towns and villages led by Simon Wall, town architect in Westport, will explore the experience of smaller communities in the west of Ireland and address the challenges and opportunities in shaping their future. Whether in the dramatic landscape which attracts visitors or the farmed environment supporting the local economy, the revitalisation of smaller towns and villages and their environs is of vital importance for the entire region.

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All are welcome to attend free of charge and participate!