2nd Annual Social Marketing Conference, 4th June, 2010

2nd Annual Social Marketing Conference

4th June 2010

J.E. Cairnes School of Business & Economics

and Aras Moyola


NUI Galway


Making it Happen - Changing Behaviours and Changing Policy


In these demanding times, insights into enabling, encouraging and supporting human behaviour from Social Marketing provides new ways to successfully tackle social and public issues in, for example, health, the environment, the community, and policy formulation. The 2nd Annual Social Marketing Conference brings together global experts in behaviour change with practitioners and leaders in the public and voluntary sector.


Are you working at creating social change? How can you help people adopt behaviours that will make them healthier and better off? Does your job foster new social innovation for community growth, renewal and development?  How can you influence public policy?  Are you concerned with environmental issues? Are you ready to move beyond brochures, talks and the usual educational approach to changing social and public behaviours?


If you have asked yourself these questions and need answers, then the National Social Marketing Conference 2010 is for you. Bring a behavioural problem you are tackling at work and, through an interactive “hands-on” approach, with renowned social marketing experts, you will learn about new tools and techniques to mobilise individuals to take action.

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Keynote speakers:

  • Professor Gerard Hastings, Director, Institute for Social Marketing, Stirling University, Scotland
  • Dr. Ray Lowry, Senior Lecturer, Newcastle University, UK.
  • Professor Jeff French, CEO, Strategic Social Marketing and former director of National Social Marketing Centre, UK.

Joined by Irish speakers giving Irish examples, case studies, illustrations and current interventions in Ireland and Europe.

You Should Attend if You Are:

  • Someone who wants to create social change
  • A professional at a non-profit/NGO, public agency or other organization working on health, environment, community or social issues
  • A commercial marketer who wants to apply your skills towards changing society and the world for the better
  • A student interested in the field of social marketing OR
  • A researcher concerned with policy development and strategy formulation, community development, innovation, infrastructural / systems change, socially sustainable issues, social inclusion and inequalitity.

You Will Receive:

  • An interactive, hands-on approach to achieving behavioural change.
  • A solid day of insights in an intimate setting with noted global social marketing experts Gerard Hastings, Ray Lowery and Jeff French.
  • Examples, illustrations and case studies of best practice interventions from Ireland, the UK, Europe and around the world.
  • Opportunity to delve deeper into areas such as public health, obesity, the environment, energy, recycling, household investment, blood and organ donation and more.
  • An invitation to the 2nd World Non-Profit and Social Marketing Conference taking place in Dublin 2011.
  • Coffee, lunch and afternoon snacks and
  • A networking opportunity to meet colleagues and professionals from around Ireland who are grappling with similar issues, problems and concerns.

You Will Learn:

  • How social marketing uses tools to create behavior change
  • How to avoid the pitfalls of influencing behaviours
  • How to follow proven social marketing secrets to develop an effective intervention on limited budgets
  • How to use the success factors of proven social marketing interventions
  • How to address the major behavioural challenges of our time and
  • How to think strategically about innovative social change.

Past Participants Said About Last Years Conference:

“Very informative and enjoyable day”


“Fantastic and badly needed”

“Very forward-thinking ideas and opportunity for planning towards the future”

“Great day, extremely useful”

Please CLICK HERE to download the Conference Brochure.