Language Law and Language Rights Conference, June 14-17, 2006
Call for Papers


For more information concerning registration, accommodation and to send abstracts of proposed papers, please contact directly as soon as possible the Galway Committee at the following address: tel.: 00 353 91 495217; fax: 00 353 91 495568.


A copy of each abstract must also be sent to the Canadian Committee at the following address: IALL-AIDL; suite J-4; 6000, chemin Deacon; Montréal (Québec); Canada H3S 2T9. E-mail:;  website:; tel.: 1+ (514) 345-0718; fax: 1+ (514) 345-0860.


Abstracts of papers (200-400 words) should be sent before December 31, 2005. The topics of the conference shall include:

  • Linguistic rights and legislation.
  • Language rights in the constitutions of the world
  • Language Planning and Human rights
  • The politics of languages and rights
  • Linguistics rights as third generation rights
  • Multilingualism and linguistic rights - The right to language diversity
  • Indigenous languages and minorities rights
  • Linguistic minorities, lesser use languages, endangered languages and human rights
  • Language rights before the courts and the law
  • Language rights in education
  • The language of law