2017 - ICAPSS- The Essent ials of Simulat ion Part II November 24 +25

Programme Schedule

The Essentials of Simulation part II: Task Trainers, Standardised Patients and Serious Games
Venue ICAPSS Old Nurses’ Home Galway University Hospital

Dr. Dara Byrne FRCSI Med MCh CHSE is the Director of Simulation for the Saolta Group and a Senior Lecturer in Simulation and Medical Education NUI Galway. Dr. Byrne has over 15 years’ experience in healthcare simulation and is a programme director on the MSc. in Healthcare Simulation and Patient Safety at NUI Galway
Dr. Paul O’Connor is Lecturer in Primary Care NUI Galway and a Human Factors Psychologist. Dr. O’Connor has more than 20 years’ experience working in high risk industry and systems and is a programme director on the MSc. in Healthcare Simulation and Patient Safety at NUI Galway
Ms. Bronwyn Reid McDermott is a Simulation Operations Specialist and has an MSc in Healthcare Simulation and Patient Safety
Ms. Brenda Romero. Game Designer Romero Games
Other Faculty to assist with small groups:
Dr. Sinead Lydon PhD is a Lecturer in Quality and Patient Safety School of Medicine NUI Galway
Dr. Orla Mongan MICGP is a Lecturer in Medicine NUI Galway and a General Practitioner
Dr. Michelle Choynowski MB BCh BAO is a research assistant at ICAPSS
Three trained actors

Date: Friday 24th November 2017. Day 1:
Time 2pm to 6:15pm
2pm Coffee and light lunch
2:15pm Welcome and Introductions. Dr. Dara Byrne and Dr. Paul O’Connor
2:20pm “The Uses of Standardised Patients (SPs) in Healthcare Simulation.” Presentation. Dr. Dara Byrne
2:30pm “Creating SP Scenarios – the Essentials.” Presentation and walk through a SP template. Dr. Dara Byrne
3pm “Creating OSCE Stations, Genrating Checklists and Global Rating Scores. “ Dr. Paul O’Connor
3:30pm “Train your actor.” Small group work with a trained actor. Facilitated by Dr. Dara Byrne, Dr. Paul O’Connor, Dr. Orla Mongan, Dr. Sinead Lydon.
4:30pm “Run your scenario.” Each group demonstrates their SP scenario and checklist using an actor and the rest of the participants observe and feedback. Three scenarios, each lasting 30minutes
6pm Q & A
6.15pm Wrap up

Date: Saturday 25th November 2017. Day 2:
Time: 8am to 230pm

8am Breakfast
8:15am “Task Trainers Overview.” Presentation. Dr. Dara Byrne
8:30am “Evaluating Task Trainers.” Interactive small group work using flash cards and bespoke templates to evaluate task trainers. Facilitated by Dr. Dara Byrne, Dr. Paul O’Connor, Ms. Bronwyn Reid-McDermott, Dr. Sinead Lydon and Dr. Orla Mongan
9:30am “Try Them Yourself.” Hands on using the task trainers in ICAPSS simulation centre. The participants get to use and evaluate all the task trainers in the facility. They can ask questions of faculty who are present.
10:30am “Assessment and Using Checklists.” Presentation. Dr. Sinead Lydon
11am “Adapting task trainers.” Presentation and Interactive observation and hands on workshop using silicone and latex to adapt task trainers, Ms. Bronwyn Reid- McDermott.
11:45am Coffee
12 noon to 2:30pm “Games for Health Design Workshop.” Interactive workshop. Small groups learn about game design and design their own game for health/serious game.
The Games for Health Design Workshop is a fast-paced, fun workshop which takes participants through a series of game design challenges to explore the possibility space of games and healthcare. Designers craft game ideas from a variety of unlikely sources while being challenged with and expected to respond to the surprising issues that teams in the games for health industry face regularly. Participants begin by learning about the process of game design and create complete game designs, change them, change them again and ultimately present their creations to their fellow participants. Ms. Brenda Romero