2018 - Cher Nicholson assisted decision making workshops, Jan & Feb
Coaching and Mentoring Training

Supported Decision Making Coaching and Mentoring Training Day

Trainer: Cher Nicholson, Co Trainer: Debbie Knowles

Date: 9th February 2018

Venue: Institute for Lifecourse and Society, National University of Ireland Galway

Cost:   €200               Limited Number of Places - 15


Please note: You must have completed the six day intensive course before participating in this coaching day.


This workshop is an extension of the work undertaken in the Intensive training in the Practical Facilitation Training in Support Decision-Making


You will learn more about:

·        What is Supervision?

·        What is Coaching?

·        What is Mentoring?

·        How to promote teamwork


Practical workshop of what to do in the time before meetings occur and the feedback process at the completion of the Supported Decision Making meeting


Workshop will include:

·        Relationship building

·        How to encourage “thinking outside of the box”

·        Group dynamics and the part they play in this approach

·        How to juggle working with services (formal) and family and friends (informal)

·        How to act as an Ambassador for this work


·        What motivates people

·        How to be an Entrepreneur