Applied Microeconometrics and Public Policy, July 3, 2012

J.E. Cairnes School of

Business and Economics

Applied Microeconometrics and

Public Policy Conference

Westwood House Hotel, Galway

Conference Programme

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

                    0745 – 0830: Registration, Breakfast

                    0830 – 1030: Session 1:

                1A Education

1. Brendan Kennelly (NUIG), John Considine (UCC), Edel Doherty (NUIG), Darragh Flannery (UL), Stephen Hynes (NUIG): Assessment systems in economics: A discrete choice experiment

2. Alice McCathie and Catherine Dehon (Université Libre de Bruxelles): Examining the choice of college major using a random parameter logit approach

3. Martin Ryan (UCD): The Production of Scientific Output by Early-Career Researchers

4. John Cullinan (NUIG), Darragh Flannery (UL), Sharon Walsh (ESRI): Geographic Accessibility and Higher Education Participation Choices in Ireland

                1B Labour

1. Micheal Watts and José V. Rodríguez Mora (University of Edinburgh): The Inheritance of Advantage

2. Yu Aoki (University of Warwick) An Outcome of Free Labour Supply: the Effect of Volunteer Work on Mortality. A Natural Experiment using Earthquake Shocks in Japan

3. Georgios Papadopoulos (University of East Anglia): Immigration Status and Criminal Behaviour

4. Priscilla Vieira Fialho (University College London): Fixed-term vs. Permanent Contracts: The Emergence of Dual Labour Markets

1C Agriculture

1. Ulrich Morawetz (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna) Impact evaluation of agri-environment programmes: suggestions for Austria

2. Cathal O'Donoghue (Teagasc), Geraldine Murphy, Stephen Hynes and Eithne Murphy (NUIG): An investigation of the participation decision in the Rural Environment Protection Scheme (REPS): a conditional logit approach using simulated counterfactual data for farmers

3. Juan Pablo Rud (Royal Holloway, University of London), Fernando Aragon (Simon Fraser University): Mining and agricultural productivity: evidence from Ghana

4. Doris Laepple (NUIG), Hugh Kelley (NUIG): Neighbourhood Influence on the Adoption of Organic Farming


                     1030-1100: Tea/Coffee

                     1100 – 1300: Session 2

                     2A: Health

1. Lukas Kauer, Eva Deuchert and Flurina Meisen Zannol (University of St. Gallen): Would you train me with my mental illness - Evidence from a discrete choice experiment

2. Ying Zhang and Jacques Vanneste (University of Antwerp): The Impact of Government Expenditure on Prepayment for Health Services:Evidence from Cointergration Analysis in Heterogeneous Panel Data

3. Brendan Walsh (NUIG): Reference dependent decision making in colorectal cancer screening: Evidence from a nationally representative survey HINTS 2003

4. Brendan Walsh and John Cullinan (NUIG): Decomposing Socioeconomic Inequalities in Childhood Obesity: Evidence from Ireland

2B: Public Economics, Markets

1. Mohammad Rahman (University of Manchester): Is the Retirement-Consumption Puzzle Solved in the UK?

2. Marc Goni Trafach (Universitat Pompeu Fabra): The London Season Marriage Mart. Matching technology and Sorting

3. Ilja Neustadt (London Metropolitan University), Peter Zweifel (University of Zurich): Willingness to Pay for Income Redistribution: How to Divide the Pie

4. Seyedeh Tabaghdehi and John Hunter (Brunel University): Stationarity and Cointegeration Properties of the US Gasoline Market: A market efficiency approach

2C: Environment

1. Herath Vidyaratne (NUIG): Multiple risk perceptions of agriculture and forest landowners of the Republic of Ireland on forest benefits

2. Oriana Romano (London Metropolitan University), Salvatore Ercolano and Giuseppe Lucio Gaeta (University of Naples): Environmental fiscal reform and willingness to pay: an empirical analysis on European micro data

3. Xiaoyan Liu (University of Durham): Pollution emissions and share ownership distribution

4. Marie Briguglio (University of Malta): Kerbside enthusiasm: The determinants of voluntary waste separation effort by households in Malta

1300 – 1400: Lunch

                    1400 – 1530: Session 3

3A Health

1. Diarmuid Coughlan (NUIG): Ireland’s public health service as a health literacy friendly organization – Is there evidence of a demand from pooled survey data?

2. Martin O'Connell (Institute of Fiscal Studies/University College London), Rachel Griffith (University of Manchester), Kate Smith (Institute for Fiscal Studies): Household food purchasing behaviour, income and nutrition

3. Patricia Carney (NUIG): Determinants of breast screening uptake in women, evidence from Northern Ireland

3B Economic Growth

1. Xiangbin Cheng (University of Hertfordshire): The effects of public spending on economic growth and inequality in China: a VAR approach

2. Intan Zanariah Zakaria and Dimitrios Varvarigos (University of Leicester): Growth and Demographic Change: Do Environmental Factors Matters?

3. Nor Yasmin Mhd Bani and Abbi M. Kedir (University of Leicester): Education in the Volatility-Growth Relationship: Panel Data Evidence

3C Energy and Climate Change

1. Elias Mulugeta (NUIG): The impacts of habitat fragmentation on biodiversity and livestock productivity in Ireland.

2. Zsuzsanna Csereklyei and S. Humer (Vienna University of Economics and Business): Modelling Primary Energy Consumption under Model Uncertainty

3. Rodney Beard (Groupe Sup de Co La Rochelle): What impact has climate change had on Irish fisheries?

1530 – 1600: Tea/Coffee

1600 – 1700: Session 4

4A Health

1. Michael Savage (ESRI): Smoking outside: The effect of the Irish workplace smoking ban on smoking prevalence among the employed

2. Stephen O’Neill (NUIG): Has the decoupling of farm subsidies impacted land rental rates

                4B Industrial Economics

1. Federica Liberini (University of Warwick): Corporate Taxes and the Growth of the Firm. A dynamic probit model for the choice of Corporate Ownership expansion.


2. Sean Lyons and Michael Savage (ESRI): Choice, price and service characteristics in the Irish broadband

4C Energy

1. Elcin Akcura (EBRD): Payment Vehicle Effects on Consumer Willingness to Pay for Green Electricity Using Contingent Valuation Method

2. Aine Driscoll (ESRI), Sean Lyons (TCD), Franco Mariuzzo (University of East Anglia), Richard S.J. Tol (University of Sussex & Vrije Universiteit): Simulating Demand for Electrical Vehicles using Revealed Preference Data

1715 - 18.15 Plenary Session William Greene (New York University)

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