Phonetics Refresher Course Friday September 7th 2012

The Discipline of Speech and Language Therapy invites you to:


Phonetics Refresher Course


A One-Day Confidence-Building Workshop


7th September, 2012



How are your phonetics skills these days?  Many speech and language therapists say that they use phonetics in much of their work, but they sometimes feel that they are a bit rusty with transcription, or have forgotten, or never quite got to grips with, the features of non- segmental phonetics (such as timing, rhythm and intonation) that are relevant for SLT.  Sometimes retrieving the symbols for non-standard pronunciation, the transcription of unusual fricatives or the analysis of vowels are not as confident as therapists would like.  So NUI Galway have arranged a one-day refresher course for SLTs who would like to have a general brush-up of skills, or who would like to consider particular issues in transcription and assessment of speech production.


Ann Parker, who will be known to some SLTs in Ireland through her ‘Working with Students’ workshops, will provide the workshop.  Ann practiced as a speech and language therapist for many years, and teaches applied phonetics to undergraduates as well as practicing therapists, and teachers and communication workers in the field of deafness.  She is the author of PETAL, the specialist speech assessment for use with deaf children and adults. 


Participants may wish to bring particular issues for discussion, or aim for a general refresher and update.  The general aim of the workshop will be to provide an enjoyable structure for information exchange and practical exercises, revising and updating phonetics transcription skills for use in speech and language therapy.  The exact structure of the day will depend on the wishes expressed at the outset by participants, and may include discussion, revision and practical work in the following:


·         Phonetics and phonology – what’s the difference?

·         Relevance of phonetics for SLTs

·         The IPA chart: what is really needed by SLTs?

·         Symbols for Irish English: vowels, consonants and shortcuts to assessment

·         Rhythm and timing: what is really going on?

·         Myths and facts in intonation assessment

·         Particular client groups and characteristic patterns

·         What about acoustic phonetics?

·         Top down or bottom up?  Taking account of the assessor’s strengths


Venue of Workshop:  Lecture Room 3 (Room 227),

Áras Moyola, National University of Ireland ,Galway



Regular Fee for Attendance at one day phonetics workshop


7th September, 2012



Reduced Fee Rate for Educators/Therapists who have taken NUI Galway students on placement or offered placements in past two years or who intend to take NUI Galway Students in academic year 2012/2013

7th September, 2012




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