2020 European Marine Biology Symposium,19-23 August 2013
Invited Speakers
  • Angel Borja, AZTI, Spain “Ecological status and environmental status of marine waters:  easy definitions, complex assessments” .
  • Maria Byrne, University of Sydney, Australia. “Change in the world’s oceans: An Evo Devo perspective”.
  • Paul Connolly, President of ICES, Marine Institute, Ireland. “ICES work in relation to sustainable management of our oceans”.
  • David Connor, European Commission, DG Environment, Belgium. “Habitat mapping to support environmental status assessment and associated management issues”.
  • Mark Costello, University of Auckland, New Zealand “Can we discover Earth’s species before they go extinct?”
  • Jason Hall Spencer, University of Plymouth, UK “Ocean acidification and biodiversity
  • Cindy Lee van Dover, Duke University, USA “Hydrothermal vents and mining impacts
  • Niall MacDonagh, ESF Marine Board “Future trends in Marine Research in the EU
  • Paul Shin, City Univ., Hong Kong “Hypoxia and endocrine disrupting chemicals: A case for MERIT (Centre for Marine Environmental Research and Innovative Technology)”