2020 European Marine Biology Symposium,19-23 August 2013
Conference Themes

The EMBS remains a traditional conference with a single main hall and no parallel sessions. The main aim of the conference is to bring together academic practitioners in marine biology for networking and the dissemination of basic research. It has always been an important venue for early stage researchers to communicate their work and meet with established workers from across Europe. The themes of the conference will reflect the main areas in which biology is developing at present as well as traditional research categories. The themes for the EMBS are as follows;

1. Biodiversity and ecosystem function
2. Ocean acidification and biodiversity
3. Climate change
4. Evolution, systematics and developmental biology
5. Mapping habitats and determining ecological status
6. Sustainable management of the ocean
7. Biodiscovery and bioresources
8. General Marine Biology
9. Special Theme:  Hydrothermal vents and mining
10. Marine Research Stations and Infrastructure

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