Past, Present & Current Policies of the EU in the field of Human Rights, Peace & Security
Call for Papers

All participants interested in presenting a paper at the conference should submit an abstract for this purpose. The call for papers is directed to (i) members of the AHRI working groups who will present papers on Saturday morning, (ii) doctoral students who wish to present progress in work during the Ph.D session held on Saturday afternoon and (iii) other interested scholars or Ph.D candidates with a strong research interest in one of the four sub-themes of the COST Action research project. The papers should deal with one of the themes of COST Action research project: peacekeeping/peace enforcement, international criminal tribunals, international development cooperation and the UNHCHR/HCNM. The papers will be distributed to all participants at the conference.

Abstract guidance
Abstracts (no more than a few sentences) must be in English and should be presented as follows:
- Title. Typeface: Times New Roman, bold, 12 pt.
- Author, institution & contact details for the lead author. Typeface: Times New Roman, bold, 12 pt.
- Body Text. Typeface: Times New Roman, 12 pt.
Submission of Abstracts
Please submit your abstract on the 'Abstract Submission' page. The final date for receipt of abstracts is 15 August, 2005.

Submission of Papers
Upon notification of acceptance of abstract, you will be requested to send in your paper according to the same procedure as for submission of the abstract. The final date for receipt of papers is 15 September, 2005.