Conference of Irish Geographers, 16-18 May 2013
CIG Environmental Policy

The conference venue, the Engineering Building in NUI Galway, contains a range of energy and water saving, ‘green’ technologies. There is large-scale rainwater harvesting, a biomass boiler, low-embodied energy materials such as zinc, novel voided slab systems, a grass roof for water attenuation, heat exchangers and many other cutting-edge efficient technologies (for a detailed review of the building's green credentials please see:

In addition the building has a comprehensive recycling plan. Water cooler stations will be set up throughout the venue and participants will be encouraged to use refillable containers.

All catering will be provided by local providers drawing primarily on local produce.

Similar to a policy employed at the Rio+20 conference a ‘PaperSmart’ policy will be adopted for the 2013 CIG – reducing the amount of paper in circulation at the conference.
For those unable to attend the conference, video conferencing facilities are available for presenters to present their lecture and all keynote lectures/plenaries will be digitally recorded.

All participants will be made aware of the conference environmental policy and a tour of the conference venue will be available to all participants.