Maths and Education-2nd Research Symposium,25 March 2013
Speaker Biographies

Keynote Speaker : Prof. Bob Cunningham. Dr. Bob Cunningham is currently a full professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at The College of New Jersey located in the United States. He teaches both mathematics content courses as well as pedagogic methods courses. He earned his Ed.D. in Mathematics Education at Temple University, a M.A. in Mathematics at Villanova University, and a B.A. in Mathematics at LaSalle University. He has assumed leadership roles in the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and served as president of the Association of Mathematic Teachers of New Jersey. Prior to teaching at the college level he taught mathematics for 10 years on the secondary level. Dr. Cunningham’s research focuses on both primary and secondary pre-service and in-service mathematics teachers. He has published in peer reviewed journals and has presented his work at more than 60 local, national, and international conferences. His lively interest in teaching and research has prompted him to involve undergraduate students in conducting, presenting and publishing mathematics education research.