Economics of Cancer Research Symposium, 2nd September 2013
Group Organisers

Mr Brendan Walsh (MPHil) is a HRB/NCI Health Economics fellow undertaking a PhD on the Economics of Cancer Screening. His work has been published in Health Economics, Health Policy and The Journal of Health Services Research and Policy. He is undertaking his PhD at NUI Galway and has previously been on international placement at the Department of Health Services, University of Washington, and has undertaken the Principles of Cancer Prevention and Control Course at the National Cancer Institute.


Professor Ciaran O'Neill is the Dean of the School of Business, Public Policy and Law and Professor of Health Technology Assessment at NUI Galway. He was previously Professor of Health Economics and Policy ath the University of Ulster and Professor of Oral Health Research at Queens University Belfast. He has published over 80 peer reviewed journal articles in health economics, health technology assessment, cost effectiveness, inequalities and cancer research. He was a Commonwealth Fund Harkness Fellow in Health Care Policy.