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Yellow Submarine - Thursday August 22, 2013
EMBS Irish Mini Olympic Gaelic Games Tournament

Mini Olympic Gaelic Games tournament that combines primary fun based hurling and gaelic football coaching activities/competitions with a 'It's a knock-out' like water based games.  You can sign up on site for this fun event!

The event will begin with 20 minute audio/visual presentation on Gaelic Games which explains the history, objectives and cultural significance of the uniquely Irish national sports of hurling and gaelic football, delegates will be brought outdoors for a practical Gaelic Games/Water themed tournament, where the real fun will commence.

Delegates will be divided into teams, there will be eight stations overall with a competitive angle to each so that everyone can participate simultaneously. At the end of the competition, each team's scores from each station will be added up for an overall winner for prizes to be presented. All participants will be encouraged to kit themselves out in surf fancy dress while also having an element of their dress that defines/distinguishes their native country.  Athleticism and skill is secondary as every station is based around enjoyment and can be done at their own pace.

The stations would include:

1. Balancing Act
Learning the basic hurling grip and swing, striking a ball on the ground and the solo run, culminating in a solo run competition that replaces a sliotar with cups of water which teams must transport through an obstacle course and attempt to fill a bucket at the other side. The trick would be to balance the cup of water properly on the hurley in order to get the most water to the end of the course. The team with the most water in the bucket wins and points will be subsequently awarded to each team on a sliding scale.

2. Beat the Keeper
Learning to strike the ball in the air with a hurley and practising this in pairs before embarking on a scoring competition to see which teams score the most against a neutral goalkeeper. Points and goals will count, with the dilemma being whether to take the easy option of striking over the bar for one point or trying to get the ball past the goalkeeper for a more lucrative three-pointer. The team with the highest score wins and again a sliding scale of points will be awarded for each team.

3. Pirates Plunder
This station has two competitive elements to it. Firstly, a game called "Pirates Plunder" where participants are divided up into pairs around a circle, with one of the partnership running a full circuit of the circle before crawling under the legs of his/her partner and grabbing a water balloon in the middle of the circle. Of course, there isn't a water balloon for every pair so in this survival of the craftiest pirates, pairs will be eliminated until only one remains.
The second part consists of a long puck competition to see which team can hit a sliotar the furthest. Participants will get three attempts each to achieve this goal and grab valuable points for their team.

4. Ball Grabbers
After being coached the basics of Gaelic Football (handpass, catching, kicking), the teams will embark on another competition, this time a reaction game which pits each individual participant against a direct opponent from another team to grab a football in the middle. The participants will be given a series of distracting instructions before the coach will blow the whistle and the first of each pair to grab a ball first goes through to the next round to whittle down the numbers.

5. Hands Solo
This stations begins with competitors learning the football solo run or carrying of the ball before graduating to two competitions, one of which is a solo run team competition through a series of poles and cones and the second a penalty competition, where participants attempt to score a goal past a neutral goalkeeper.

6. The Big Match
Teams will utilise all their previous coaching to play an actual Gaelic Football match with a twist. The teams will line out with goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, attackers and an extra player behind the goal to administer water balloons in an attempt to put off opposing forwards.

7. Three Legged Water Balloon Relay
Each team will be divided into pairs, with each partnership being tied together at the leg where they will compete against the other teams in a relay that passes a water balloon to the next pair on their team.  The winning team gets the opportunity to throw their water balloon at a team of their choice

See youtube photo diary http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQb7pKCQkwA
or alternatively website www.gogaelic.ie for previous events!