People, Policy, Places and the Economy Conference 19th - 20th September 2013
Guest Speakers

Dr Tom Acton, Dept of Accountancy and Finance, NUI Gawlay

Anna Arstein-Kerslake J.D. , Ph.D. Candidate/Marie Curie Research Fellow
Centre for Disability Law and Policy (CDLP)

Anna is a Research Fellow in the Disability Rights Expanding Accessible Markets (DREAM) Training Network, funded by a European Union Marie Curie Research Grant. She is based at the Centre for Disability Law and Policy (CDLP) at NUI Galway and her research includes work on the right to equal recognition before the law of people with disabilities, legal capacity law, supported decision-making, and personhood. In her current post, she has travelled extensively consulting with governments in law reform processes and meeting with civil-society groups (Serbia, Iceland, Australia, India, Ireland, among others). She has worked in a variety of NGOs on legislative advocacy and strategic litigation on disability rights (Human Rights Watch, Interights, Mental Disability Advocacy Center, New York Lawyers for the Public Interest, among others). She holds a Juris Doctorate (J.D.) from the City University of New York (CUNY), a Bachelors of Arts (B.A.) in Sociology from San Diego State University, and is currently working on her Ph.D. in Law at NUI Galway.

Peter Cloughessy, PhD Student, NUI Galway

Dr Pat Collins, Department of Geography, NUI Galway,

Sharon Coyle, PhD Student, NUI Galway

Dr James Cunningham Director, Whitaker Institute for Innovation and Societal Change

Prof Pat Dolan Joint founder and Director of the Child and Family Research Centre, NUI Galway

Dr Ciara Fitzgerald, ‎Senior Post Doctoral Researcher at University College Cork

Majella Giblin

Dr Brian Huges, Director, Centre for Research on Occupational and Life Stress(CROLS): Psychosocial Perspectives

Brian Hughes is Director of the Centre for Research on Occupational and Life Stress (CROLS) and is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at NUI Galway. His research and publications focus on psychological stress (particularly its impact on cardiovascular psychophysiology, immunity, and health) and on psychosocial moderators of stress processes, such as social support, cognition, and personality. He is particularly associated with establishing the conditions under which cardiovascular responses to mental stress habituate over time, and in identifying how individual differences in habituation may help explain the apparent associations between certain personality traits and heart disease risk.

Dr Aidan Kane Economics, NUI Galway

Dr Aidan Kane is a lecturer in economics at NUI Galway. His research interests are principally in Irish economic history, and in particular, the construction of historical datasets, mainly related to Irish public finance, from the 18th century to the present, using a range of web, programming, and relational database technologies. He also has an interest in the political economy of innovation policy in Ireland, having served as director of the University's Centre for Innovation and Structural Change (CISC) from 2002 to 2006.

Prof. Kevin Leyden, Political Science & Sociology, NUI Galway

Minister Sean Sherlock - Keynote Speech

Dr Amaya Vega, Researcher at the Irish Centre for Rural Transformation and Rural Sustainability (ICERTS)