Pushing Form: Innovation and Interconnection in Contemporary European Performance, 25-26 April 2014
Contemporary European Performance

This conference queries what it means to define the field of European performance. As such, we invite submissions that will consider key debates in terminology surrounding innovative emerging work, seeking also to build on older genealogies of practice in Europe and beyond. For the purposes of this conference, we will use “European performance” to designate work that happens within the continent as opposed to the European Union exclusively, although these differential power dynamics will be crucial to our inquiry. 

Presentations might address topics including but not limited to:
• Trends in experimental contemporary performance from a national and/or international perspective. For example, how has Live Art transformed in its journeys across Europe from its origins in the UK?
• Theoretical debates: The postdramatic and beyond?
• The relationship between theatre and performance practices more broadly as sites of innovation
• The status of written drama in the 21st century
• Arts infrastructure and funding post-economic crisis
• The ways in which language and visual aesthetics in performance relate to making and disseminating work through European networks
• The politics of arts festivals and touring
• The impact of territorial disputes, ethnic conflicts and migration on, not only national, but European identities more broadly
• The role of theatre and performance in culture schemes for the European Union
• Hierarchies of prestige within and outside the European Union
• Linkages between European performance and other world trends including individual or networked relationships between European artists and companies and other international colleagues

Abstracts (max 500 words) outlining proposed presentations can be submitted as email attachments to each of the conference organizers on or before 1 February 2014:

Miriam Haughton: miriamhaughton@hotmail.com

Siobhán O'Gorman: siobhanmogorman@gmail.com

Charlotte McIvor: charlotte.mcivor@nuigalway.ie