People, Policy, Places and the Economy Conference 19th - 20th September 2013
About the Conference

People, Policy, Places and the Economy:
Advancing Ireland through Research and Outreach

The world’s best universities provide excellence in education and research that serves the current and future needs of the cities, regions and nations in which they are based.

 This conference highlights examples of NUI Galway’s research and community outreach efforts and contemporary social and business debates that have been enabled through funding from the Programme for Research in Third- Level Institutions Cycle 4 (PRTLI 4) as part of the Irish Social Science Platform. The PRLTI research programme has played a transformative role in developing a credible research and outreach capacity in Ireland and contributed to Ireland’s significant rise in scientific international rankings. The focus of this conference is largely on NUI, Galway’s contribution under the three pillars of the Irish Social Sciences Platform:  Knowledge Society, Sustaining Communities and Balanced Regional and Rural Development. We will feature examples of this research and outreach undertaken by The Whitaker Institute, Irish Centre for Social Gerontology, the Child and Family Research Centre, the Centre for Disability Law and Policy, the Centre for Research on Occupational and Life Stress, and the Irish Centre for Rural Transformation and Sustainability.

Minister Sherlock’s speech and discussion will take place on the evening of September 19th. On the following day there will be panel and discussion sessions focusing on the following topics: 

• The Creative Economy and Creative Places
• Improving the Lives of People
• Enterprise, Entrepreneurs and the Irish Economy

Public Policy Puzzles

NUI Galway recognises that its social science and business schools and Institutes need to serve the people, places, and economy of Ireland. Part of this requires that we listen to those we serve locally and regionally.  At this conference we will introduce a new initiative called Public Policy Puzzles that we hope to implement in the coming year. The goal will be to seek new ideas from the public and business on how to improve policy, places, and the economy.  Input will be sought via social media and other innovative mechanisms. There is no shortage of possible Public Policy Puzzles. Examples include how we might:

- Improve the lives of children, families, and the elderly in Ireland

- Make our towns and cities more liveable

- Enhance the connection between third level institutions, business and society.

Further information on programme and guest speakers here