ACU-SIBR: Designing Hospital Units to Optimize Outcomes, 15 May 2014
Workshop programme

Who Should Attend


This short-workshop is aimed at all frontline professionals or executives with an interest in leading or participating in a hospital care model designed to maximize quality, reliability, accountability, and patient-centeredness. The intended audience includes hospital unit leaders (e.g. physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals); hospital leadership (e.g. executive leadership, nursing leadership, clinical governance, and quality and safety officers); and medical and nursing educators (e.g. directors of training and professional development programs).


Learning Objectives:


1.    Structure - list 4 features of Accountable Care Unit

2.    Process - list 4 features of Structured Interdisciplinary Bedside Rounds

3.    Outcomes - describe the influence of an ACU-SIBR care model on unit outcomes


Course Outline


  1. Structure: the Accountable Care Unit (ACU)
  2. Process: Structured Interdisciplinary Bedside Rounds (SIBR)
  3. Outcomes: Clinical, Service, Cost, and Education