Symposium on Lean and Patient Safety in Healthcare:Lessons from the Med. Device Ind.,15-16 May 2014
Scope of the Symposium

The application of Lean Systems has been particularly effective in the broad Medical Device sector and has resulted in many positive outcomes including: streamlined processes, reduced waste, increased efficiencies, higher standards of quality, safer systems and services, enhanced worker participation and more coherent teamwork. While the outcomes associated with the application of Lean Systems are predominantly positive, several authors have expressed concerns with respect to their impact job autonomy, including job decision latitude.

The primary objective of the Symposium is to explore what aspects of Lean Systems implementation in the Medical Device Industry are proving, or are likely to prove, effective in the Healthcare sector and to identify tools and techniques that facilitate effective Lean implementation.


Lean Implementation in Healthcare and Biomedical Engineering

 Lessons from lean implementation in Biomedical Engineering,

 Similarities and differences between Biomedical Engineering and Healthcare,

 Lean case studies,

 Impact on core objectives & outcomes: safety; efficiency; patient care; patient safety; cost savings; regulatory affairs

 Change management

Healthcare Delivery

 Lean surgery;

 Intensive Care;


 Maternity care;

 Accident & Emergency;

 Ward rounds & Handovers;

 Early warning systems;

 Processing records

Lean Tools

 Statistical Process Control (SPC);


 Value stream mapping;


 Root Cause Analysis/5 Whys;

 Building in quality (Jodoka);

 Error proofing (Poka-Yoke);

 Waste (Muda)

Healthcare Information Technology, Automation and Lean

 SCRUM and biomedical device software,


 Simplify, Eliminate and Automate,

 Acceptability and Effectiveness of Technology Change,

 Technology assessment

Human Factors, Patient Safety and Lean

 Just culture,

 Empowerment and user participation,

 Teamwork and teambuilding,


 Human error and reliability,

 Risk management, etc.