Article 24, UNCRPD is this a Brown v Board of Education moment?, 22nd February 2014
Student Conference

Student Conference: Article 24, UNCRPD is this a Brown v Board of Education moment?


Centre for Disability Law and Policy, NUI Galway


21st February 2014



17:00                         Welcome


17:10 18:10         Split into Panels 1 or 2


Panel 1 Discreet Issues in respect of Inclusive Education

Panel 2 Implementation of A.24 UNCRPD in various jurisdictions

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18:10 18:20         Return to main conference


18:20 18:45         Report from Panel discussions


18:50                        Close of Conference




Panel 1 Discreet Issues in respect of Inclusive Education 

17:10-17:25     Early Intervention

                        Patrick Mannion Early Intervention and the UNCRPD

                        Alison McGrath Early Intervention in Ireland

                        Maria Portuondo Early Intervention in the United States


17:25 17:45  Reasonable Accommodation and Education

                        Caroline Doherty Equality and Reasonable Accommodation

                        Martin Hennessy Reasonable Accommodation and Article 24

                        Lisa Coyne Article 26 and the Employment Equality Bill 1996, a case study

                        Lisa Whelan Reasonable Accommodation in Ireland, a case study


17:45-18:00     Inclusive Education

                        Louis Oyaro Inclusive Education: a tool for social change.



Panel 2 Issues of implementation of A.24 CRPD in various jurisdictions


17.10               China

Jing Li; Did China implement Article 24 of UNCRPD properly? How to understand Chinese policies on special schools for children with disabilities' from 2009


17.25               Kenya

William Aseka; The Basic Education Act 2013: Why it is one-step forward and two steps backwards for children with disabilities' in Kenya  


17.40               Nepal

Dev Datta Joshi; Ensuring inclusive education as enshrined in the UNCRPD Article 24 for children with disabilities in Nepal


17.55               Uganda

Florence Ndagire and Simon Peter Odongoi; Inclusive education: is this the right approach to equality? A case of Uganda