The Emergency: Ireland in wartime, 27-28 June 2014

Mary Harris is Senior Lecturer and Director for the MA in History at NUI, Galway. She is originally from Cork and studied History and languages (Irish and Spanish) at University College Cork. She completed her MA, in medieval Irish literature, in UCC and her doctorate, in History, at the University of Cambridge. From 1992-1996 she taught Irish Studies in the University of North London. She joined the History Department at NUI, Galway in 1996. Since coming to NUI, Galway, her research and teaching has focussed on nineteenth and twentieth-century Ireland, in particular on church-state relations, political ideologies, and the Northern Ireland conflict. 


Mark Phelan is an early career historian. A former Government of Ireland Research Fellow (2008-2011), he obtained his PhD in 2012. His work to date has focused on the Irish Revolution and its aftermath in an international context (with a particular focus on Ireland and Mussoliniís Italy), and the broad Irish experience of the First World War. Mark frequently contributes to print and broadcast media, and is currently finalising two monographs (Wherever the Firing Line Extends: Ireland and the Great War, and The Free State and the Fasces: debating dictatorship and democracy in 1920s Ireland), for publication in 2015.



Sťan ” Duibhir is completing his PhD thesis at NUI, Galway, where he is examining the counter-terrorist response of the Irish State to the Northern Irish conflict. His primary research interests are Irish and Northern Irish political history, with a particular focus upon security, counter-subversion, and the development of extra-constitutional republican organisations in post-independence Ireland.