30th Summer Conference on Topology and its Applications | 23-26 June 2015
Scientific Programme

All invited talks will be of duration 50 minutes in a 1-hour slot.
All other contributed talks will be of duration 20-25 minutes in a 30-minute slot.  Note that two names in a given 30 minute slot indicate parallel sessions.
Please click here to view the schedule.  For ease of organisation, presentation slides where available will be sought prior to the Conference opening.  
Abstracts can be viewed here.

Topology + Foundations


- set-theoretic topology, topology and computer science

Topology + Analysis



- topological aspects of analysis

Topology + Dynamical Systems


- continuum theory and dynamical systems

Topology + Geometry


- geometric topology


Jan van Mill

University of Amsterdam


Richard Smith

University College Dublin


Logan Hoehn

University of Nipissing, Canada


Ross Geoghegan

Binghamton University, NY

Session invited speakers:


Andrea Medini,

Kurt Gödel Research Centre, Vienna


Natasha Dobrinen, University of Denver

Session invited speakers:


Lynne Yengulalp, University of Dayton



Reynaldo Rojas-Hernandez,

U.N.A.M., mexico

Session invited speakers:


Jacek Świątkowski,
University of Wroclaw

Veronica Martinez de la Vega,
U.N.A.M., Mexico


Session invited speaker:


Michael Sullivan

Southern Illinois University


Open Problems in Set-Theoretic Topology


Justin Tatch Moore,



Tukey classification of Ordered sets and Banach spaces


Antonio Aviles,

Murcia University

Workshop: Generalised Inverse Limits



Sina Greenwood, University of Auckland


Van Nall,

University of Richmond

Workshop: Pattern, Geometry and Dynamics





Vassar College, NY


Alan Haynes, University of York, UK

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