General Practice Research on Infections Network Meeting 2015, Galway, Ireland


Friday 2nd October 2015

8.30-8.45         Welcome


8.45-10.00       Session1: RCT & Qualitative


Chairs: Andrew Murphy – Sinead Duane


1.            Are oral steroids effective in treating the symptoms of acute lower respiratory tract infection in non-asthmatic adults? The Oral Steroids for Acute Cough (OSAC) placebo-controlled randomised trial.

Alastair D Hay, Harriet E Downing*, Sara T Brookes, Grace J Young, Anthony Harnden, Sandra Hollinghurst, Denise Kendrick, Paul Little, Margaret T May, Michael V Moore, Elizabeth Orton, Matthew Thompson, Kay Wang.

2.            Can we lower the threshold for referral for chest x-ray for suspected lung cancer in high risk patients presenting with respiratory symptoms: a feasibility trial (EL CID)

K Hood, E Bongard C Hurt, A Nelson, H Prout, C Porter, E Thomas-Jones, W Hamilton, R Neal

3.            Oral corticosteroids for symptom relief of sore throat: a double-blind randomised controlled trial in UK Primary Care.

Gail Hayward*, Rafael Perera, Alastair Hay, Michael Moore, Paul Little Matthew Thompson, Jane Wolstenholme, Johanna Cook, Julie Allen, Kim Harman, Merryn Voysey, Sena Jawad, Nicola Williams, Carl Heneghan.

4.            The CREAM Study: A randomised placebo controlled trial of oral and topical antibiotics for children with clinically infected eczema in the community.

Nick Francis*, M Ridd, CC Butler, E Thomas‐Jones, V Shepherd, K Hood, C Huang, F Sullivan.

5.            How Swedish GPs cope with uncertainty in patients with sore throat – an interview study.

Malin Andre, Hedvig Gröndal, Eva Lena Strandberg, Annika Brorsson, Katarina Hedin*

6.            Evaluating an international web-based behaviour change intervention to promote prudent antibiotic use by GPs: a triangulation of mixed methods data.

Sarah Tonkin-Crine*, Sibyl Anthierens, Kerenza Hood, Lucy Yardley, Paul Little on behalf of the GRACE/INTRO consortium.

7.            How do French GPs experience antiviral prescription and Influenza-like illness (ILI) management during an influenza epidemic?

Karine Castellani*, Pia Touboul Lundgren, Cécile Mouille-Blanc, Pascale Bruno



10.00-10.45     Session 2: Prediction


Chairs: Tom Fahy - Eva Hummers-Pradier 


1.            Prediction of worse outcome in patients presenting to primary care with acute cough.

Robin Bruyndonckx,*, Niel Hens, Marc Aerts, Chris Butler, Paul Little, Theo Verheij, Herman Goossens, Samuel Coenen and the GRACE project group

2.            Effect of C-reactive protein point of care testing on antibiotic prescribing for lower respiratory tract infections in daily practice.

Margaretha C Minnaard*, Alma C van de Pol, Rogier M Hopstaken,  Sanne van Delft, Berna DL Broekhuizen, Theo JM Verheij, Niek J de Wit.

3.            Diagnosing serious infections in acutely ill children in ambulatory care: Value of a clinical decision tree together with point-of-care CRP.

Jan Y Verbakel*, Marieke B Lemiengre, An De Sutter, Bethany Shinkins, Rafael Perera, David Mant, Ann Van den Bruel, Frank Buntinx

4.            Predictors for duration of complaints and presence of significant bacteriuria in women with acute UTIs in OOH service in Norway.

Ingvild Vik*, Marianne Bollestad, Nils Grude, Morten Lindbćk


10.45-11.15     Coffee


11.15-12.30     Session 3:  Review


Chairs:  Martin Cormican – Theo Verheij               


1.            A systematic review of the public’s knowledge and beliefs about antibiotic resistance.

Amanda R McCullough*, Sanjoti Parekh, John Rathbone, Tammy Hoffmann, Chris Del Mar

2.            Not in my backyard: a systematic review of clinicians’ knowledge and beliefs about antibiotic resistance.

Amanda R McCullough*, Sanjoti Parekh, John Rathbone, Tammy Hoffmann, Chris Del Mar

3.            The clinical relevance of antibiotic resistance in patients presenting with common infections in primary care: a systematic review.

Oliver van Hecke*, Kay Wang, Chris Butler

4.            A systematic review of the accuracy of clinical diagnosis, imaging and laboratory tests for the diagnosis of acute sinusitis

Mark H. Ebell *, Ryan Guilbault, Brian McKay,  Yokabed Ermias,

5.            Global antibiotic resistance prevalence in paediatric Escherichia coli urinary tract infections and associations with routine use of primary care antibiotics: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Ashley Bryce*, Alastair Hay, Isabel Lane, Hannah Thornton, Mandy Wootton, Ceire Costelloe.

6.            The impact of antimicrobial stewardship on prescribing for respiratory tract infections in primary (out-of-hours) care – a systematic review.

Nahara Anani Martínez-González *, Samuel Coenen, Stefan Neuner-Jehle, Oliver Senn


12.30-13.30     Lunch



13.30-14.30     Session 4:        Prescribing


Chairs: An De Sutter - Michael Moore       


1.            Improving antibiotic prescribing quality by an intervention embedded in the primary care practice accreditation: The ARTI4 randomised trial.

Alike W. van der Velden*, Marijke M. Kuyvenhoven, Theo J.M. Verheij

2.            Delayed antibiotic prescription in acute uncomplicated respiratory tract infections in a high antibiotic prescription country.

Mariam de la Poza, Gemma Mas, Ana Moragas, Carl Llor*, Paul Little, Pablo Alonso; on behalf of the Prescripción Diferida de Antibióticos (PDA) group.

3.            Treatment of urinary tract infection in general practice: a gender perspective.

Meera Tandan*, Sinead Duane, Akke Vellinga for the SIMPle study.

4.            Antibiotic prescribing in primary care; can we blame it all on general practice?

Rune Aabenhus*, Volkert Siersma and Lars Bjerrum.

5.            Views of general practitioners and pharmacists on the use of antibiotics without a medical prescription in seven European Union Member States.

Lescure D*, Paget WJ, Schellevis FG, de Jong A, Schnell N, van der Laan N, Timmermans P, Versporten A, Goossens H, van Dijk L

6.            Represcription rates after prescribing penicillin V and other antibiotics for acute respiratory tract infections in Norwegian general practice.

Anders Kirkerřd,  Svein Gjelstad, Morten Lindbćk*, Sigurd Hřye


14.30-15.30     Budding ideas parallel sessions


Session 1         Keane Suite


Chair:              Samuel Coenen         


1.            Antimicrobial resistance: can complementary and alternative medicine help solve the problem in primary care?

Esther T. Kok*, Alyson L. Huntley, Erik W. Baars, Alastair D. Hay

2.            Use of near-patient tests in respiratory tract infections in Europe.

Katarina Hedin*

3.            A randomised controlled study comparing 5 and 10 days of phenoxymethylpenicillin (PcV) treatment of tonsillitis caused by betahaemolytic streptococci (GABHS).

Sigvard Mölstad*, Katarina Hedin, Pär-Daniel Sundvall, Charlotta Edlund, Gunilla Skoog.

4.            Infections in infants born to teenage mothers.

R Cannings-John*, K Hood


Session 2         Purtill Suite


Chair:              Kerry Hood    


1.            Reducing antibiotic use for uncomplicated urinary tract infection in general practice by treatment with Uva ursi– a comparative effectiveness trial.

Ildikó Gágyor*, Jutta Bleidorn, Michael Moore, Guido Schmiemann, Karl Wegscheider, Eva Hummers- Pradier

2.            Urine sample collection in non-pregnant women with suspected urinary tract infection in primary care - A diagnostic accuracy study.

Pernille Brunsgaard*, Anne Holm

3.            Health Protection Research Units: a new multidisciplinary approach in delivering innovative research in infections and antibiotic resistance.

Sarah Tonkin-Crine*, Ceire Costelloe*, Chris Butler, Sarah Walker, Alison Holmes.


15.30-16.00     Coffee


16.00-17.00     Session 5: UTI


Chairs: Alistair Hay -Morten Lindbaek        


1.            The Point Of carE testing for urinary Tract Infection in primary Care (POETIC) study: An observational study to describe current primary care management of uncomplicated UTI and incidence of uropathogens.

Tim Pickles*, Janine Bates, Emma Thomas-Jones, Nigel Kirby, Micaela Gal, Emily Bongard, Kerenza Hood, Nick Francis, Paul Little, Michael Moore, Carlos Llor, Theo Verheij, Mirella Longo, Mandy Wootton, Robin Howe, Charles Cowtan, Mandy Lau, Christopher C Butler

2.            The Point Of carE testing for urinary Tract Infection in primary Care (POETIC) study: A randomised controlled trial of the clinical and cost effectiveness of Flexicult point of care urine culture.

Emma Thomas-Jones*, Kerry Hood, Chris Butler, Timothy Pickles, and the POETIC team

3.            Case-mix and antibiotic prescribing outcomes in GPs’ patients with dysuric symptoms in two European countries.

Maciek Godycki-Cwirko*, Stephan Harbarth, Anna Kowalczyk, Niels Adriaenssens, Samuel Coenen.

4.            Patient relevant outcome measures in studies and guidelines on urinary tract infection.

Eva Hummers-Pradier*, Michaela Raschkowski, Ildikó Gágyor, Jutta Bleidorn, Susanne Heim, Guido Schmiemann

5.            Urine sample collection in non-pregnant women with suspected cystitis in primary care - A diagnostic accuracy review.

Anne Holm* and Rune Aabenhus

6.            Smartphone apps to collect real-time data: Investigation of the association between symptoms of UTI and antibiotic treatment using an UTI diary app.

Sinead Duane*, Meera Tandan, Akke Vellinga for the SIMPle study.



17.00-18.00     TRACE


                TRACE e-learning platform to combat antibiotic resistance in community-acquired LRTI.

Veronique Nussenblatt*, Herman Goossens,  Theo Verheij, Paul Little,  Chris Butler, Nicolas Francis, Michael Moore, Kerry Hood, Katherine Loens, Margareta Ieven, Samuel Coenen, for the TRACE Project Group.


18.30               Meet for guided walk through Galway


20.00               Dinner



Saturday, 3rd October 2015


9.00-9.30         Keynote Professor Chris Butler


Two decades of researching common infections:  the journey so far and direction of travel


9.30-10.30       Session 6: Children


                        Chairs: Pia Touboul – Sarah Tonkin-Crine


1.            Using routine data to estimate the incidence and clinical management of paediatric gastroenteritis in the UK.

Fiona Lugg*, Christopher Butler, Meirion Evans, Mark Kelson, Nick Francis

2.            Expectations of and experiences with point-of-care CRP measurement in children with lower respiratory tract infections in general practice.

Marjolein Schot*, Esther Brussee, Lidewij Broekhuizen*, Jochen Cals, Esther de Groot, Niek de Wit, Theo Verheij.

3.            Pain Intensity Monitoring in Paediatric Otitis Media (PIM-POM) study.

Alies Sjoukes,*, Roderick P. Venekamp, Alma C. van de Pol, Anne G.M. Schilder, Roger A.M.J. Damoiseaux

4.            Antibiotics for children with infectious diseases in Dutch Primary Care.

Anne R.J. Dekker, Theo J.M. Verheij, Alike W. van der Velden

5.            Optimizing antibiotic prescribing for acutely ill children in primary care (ERNIE2  study, part B): a cluster randomized, factorial controlled trial evaluating the effect of a Point-of-Care C-reactive protein test and a brief intervention combined with written safety net advice.

Marieke B Lemiengre*, Jan Y Verbakel, Tine De Burghgraeve, Frank Buntinx, Bert Aertgeerts, Frans De Baets, An de Sutter, on behalf of the ERNIE 2 collaboration

6.            Parent-reported consumption of antibiotics prescribed for children’s cough and respiratory tract infections in primary care and factors associated with adherence –analysis from the TARGET study

Niamh M Redmond*, Hannah Thornton, Sophie Turnbull, Hannah Christensen, Peter S Blair, Tim J Peters, Alastair D Hay.


10.30-11 Coffee


11.00-12.00     Session 7: Database/Registry


                        Chairs: Ceire Costello – Nick Francis


1.            Reduction in antibiotic prescribing in Swedish primary care. A retrospective study of electronic patient records.

Mia Tyrstrup*, Anders Beckman, Sigvard Mölstad, Sven Engström, Christina Lannering, Eva Melander and Katarina Hedin

2.            Trends in prescription of antibiotics to patients with urinary tract infection in Swedish Primary Care.

Helena Kornfält Isberg,* Sigvard Mölstad, Anders Beckman

3.            National web based medical information for the general public used for epidemiological surveillance

Malin André*

4.            Determinants of initiation, implementation, and completion of amoxicillin for adults with an acute cough in primary care: pooled analysis of three international datasets

David Gillespie, Kerenza Hood, Daniel Farewell, Christopher Butler, Nick Francis, Jacqueline Nuttall, Lucy Brookes-Howell, Theo Verheij, Samuel Coenen, Paul Little, Beth Stuart, Herman Goossens, on behalf of the GRACE consortium

5.            The relationship between E. coli bacteraemia infections, antibiotic prescribing and AMR at the within the NHS (2011-­‐2014).

Hannah Lishman, Ceire Costelloe*, Susan Hopkins, Berit Muller‐Peabody, Paul Aylin, Alison Holmes

6.            Effect of pneumococcal vaccination on LRTI in elderly patients in primary care

M. Bolkenbaas*, T.J.M. Verheij, M.J.M. Bonten



12.00-13.00     Date and venue next conference