Theatre Archive Conference, “Performing the Archive” Conference | 22-24 July 2015
Conference Schedule

This conference has been made possible with support from

the Irish Research Council New Foundations Scheme, the American Society for Theatre Research, the James Hardiman Library, Drama, Theatre and Performance, English, the College of Arts, Social Sciences and Celtic Studies, the Moore Institute,

the School of Humanities Research Incentivisation Fund and the President’s Office.


Wednesday 22nd July 2015


9-9:30am                    Registration and coffee


9:30-10am                  Welcome


10-11:30am                Plenary Panel One: The Abbey Theatre Digital Archive

Room: AM150: Máirtín O’Tnuathail Theatre


Professor Patrick Lonergan             (National University of Ireland, Galway)

‘Reading the Digital Theatre Archive’


John Cox (University Librarian NUIG) &

Martin Bradley (Archives Consultant, Archives Ireland)

‘Archiving the Performance - The Abbey Theatre Archive Digitisation Project

at NUI Galway’ 


Chair: Niall McSweeney (National University of Ireland, Galway)


11:30-11:45am            Coffee break


11:45am-1:15pm        Concurrent Paper Session: One

1.        Archives, the Live and Accessing Meaning    

Room: AM250 Colm O’hEocha Theatre

CHAIR: Ciara Conway                       (NUI, Galway)


Tanya Dean                                         (Yale University & NUI Galway)

How Live is Live? Considering Theatre Broadcasts as Performances of Archival Process  

Louise Ritchie                                     (Aberystwyth University)      

Hactivating the archive

Susan Brady and Helice Koffler        (Yale University and Schubert Archive)

American Theatre Archival Project   


2.        Manuscripts, Data & Digital Texts      

Room: AM104 Arts Millennium                      

CHAIR: Kieran Hoare                         (NUI, Galway)


Rosemary K.J. Davis              (Amherst College)      

The Samuel French Archive at Amherst College

Lauren Benke                          (University of Denver/Trinity College Dublin)

Gesture, Intimacy and the Archive: The Case of Contemporary Artists' Books         

Jennifer Roberts-Smith, Kathryn Harvey, Liza Griffen         (University of Waterloo, University of Guelph, Stratford Festival)         

Reconfiguring Archival Catalogue Metadata 

Nic Leonhardt                         (Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munich, Germany)

“I need a programmer, methinks...” – Theatre Research in a Digital Age





3.             Access, Collection, Exhibition and Education          

Room: AM150 Room: AM150: Máirtín O’Tnuathail Theatre

CHAIR:            Tracy Davis                           (Northwestern University)


Jane Gallagher                        (University of Kent)              

Performing at the Crossroads

Liza Penn-Thomas                  (Swansea University) 

National Wales Theatre Archive        

Michael Pearson                      (Aberystwyth University)

The preservation of digital archives in the National Library of Wales


4.             How Archives Perform: At the Intersection of Performance and Research

Room: AM200 Patrick F. Fottrell Theatre

CHAIR:            Thomas Conway                   (NUI, Galway)          


Janine Cowell                          (University of Bristol/University of Exeter)  

Someday just began: Meeting, making and mounting memories in the field

Steven Paige                           (Plymouth University)           

The Ties That Bind: Reusing Online Archival as an Interdisciplinary Artist  

Emma Meehan                        (University of Coventry)       

Revisiting Lunar Parables: The Archives of Dublin Contemporary Dance Theatre  


1:15-2:15pm                 Lunch


2:15-3:45pm                Concurrent Paper Session: Two

5.                  Archives and the City          

Room: AM250 Colm O’hEocha Theatre                                       

CHAIR:         Ian Walsh                               (NUI Galway)


Stanislava Slavica Stojan        (Institute for History of Croatian Academy)

Records of the Criminal Court (1550 – 1800) and Performing Theatre        

Marina Ni Dhubhain               (NUI Galway)

What Makes Oral History Performance Different?    

Ellen Murphy                          (Dublin City Library & Archive)

Collections, Performance and Exhibition: Case-Study of Outreach Activities at the Irish Theatre Archive  


6.                  Contesting Race and Ethnicity in/through the Archives  

Room: AM150: Máirtín O’Tnuathail Theatre

CHAIR:         Catherine Cole          (University of California, Berkeley)


Rhona Justice-Malloy             (University of Missisippi)

The Chicago Defender and Archival Research          

April Sizemore-Barber            (Georgetown University)

Queering ‘Coloured’ and Colouring Queer: The Sequins, Self, and Struggle Project and the Miss Gay South Africa Pageant archives

Jennifer Shook                        (University of Iowa)

Ghosts Dancing in the Archives: Remains of NAGPRA and the Carlisle Indian Industrial School in Native American Drama


7.                  Moving body as site, choreographic knowledge, data and evidence in the body archive: Leeds Beckett University                                          

Room:             AM104 Arts Millennium     

CHAIR:         Rachel Parry             (NUI Galway)


Rachel Krische                       

The Body As Archive

Lisa Kendall               

Sawing the Legs Off Chairs

Laura Griffiths           

Archiving Dance        


8.         Traces of the Audience: Embodiments of the Archive     

   Room: AM200           Patrick F. Fottrell Theatre


CHAIR:         Conor O’Malley                    (Arts, Culture and Heritage)

Blake Morris                                       (University of East London)                          

Walking the Archive   

Florence March and Benoît Larbiou   (University Paul-Valery Montpellier and Cultural Service of the Frontignan Council)         

The Spectator as a Living Archive     

Aletia M. Badenhorst                                     (Leeds Beckett University)

Making Archives Live 

Erin Grogan                                        (Texas Tech University)

Digital Anxiety – Multimedia Scenography in Fire Island     


3:45-4:00pm               Coffee and Biscuits


4:00-5:30pm               Plenary Panel Two

Room: AM150: O’Tnuathail Theatre


Tracy Davis               (Northwestern University)

‘Work Time, Social Time, Leisure Time, Private Time’


Chair: Ian Walsh



5:30pm                       Opening Reception and Book Launches:

Hardiman Research Building Lobby


Paula McFetridge (Kabosh Productions) launching:       

Miriam Haughton and Mária Kurdi, eds.

Radical Contemporary Theatre Practices by Women in Ireland (Carysfort Press)


Charlotte McIvor and Siobhán O’Gorman, eds.

Devised Performance in Irish Theatre: Histories and Contemporary Practice (Carysfort Press)


Screening of Documentary: Performing Scenographic Sense Memories

Hardiman Research Building - Room G011





Thursday 23rd July 2015


8:30-9am        Tea and coffee


9:00-10:30am             Concurrent Paper Session: Three

9.                  Shakespeare and the Archive

Room: AM150: Máirtín O’Tnuathail Theatre

CHAIR:         Claire Read                (Roehampton University)


Elizabeth Jeffery                     (Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham)  

Puck: A Performance History

Sally Barnden                         (King’s College, London)

Liveness, Photography and the RSC's Dreams, 1954-77

Brittany LaPole                       (Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham)  

Faster than the speed of light: An evolutionary look at Digital Humanities

through Shakespeare scholarship      

Emer McHugh                        (National University of Ireland, Galway)      

A shared language: placing and displacing Shakespeare within the Irish national theatrical repertoire


10.       Archival Perspectives on The Gate Theatre’s Internationalism

            Room: AM200           Patrick F. Fottrell Theatre

CHAIR:         David Clare               (NUI Galway)


Ruud van den Beuken and Des Lally (Radboud University Nijmegen & NUI Galway)

Let’s Give the Mantle of Harlequin a Brush: Stimulating Research on the Dublin Gate Theatre Archive at Northwestern University

Mary Clark                                          (Dublin City Library & Archive)

Michael and Hilton Still in Dublin     


11.       Samuel Beckett and the Archives

            Room: AM250 Colm O’hEocha Theatre   

CHAIR:         Trish McTighe           (University of Reading)


Matthew McFrederick            (University of Reading)

Staging Waiting for Godot at 60: The Arts Theatre and the archive  

Kristin Jones                           (National University of Ireland, Galway)

‘Keep An Eye on That Too': Visualising the Archives of Samuel Beckett      

Niamh Mary Bowe                 (University of Reading)

Performing trauma and Samuel Beckett’s Kilcool manuscript          


12.       Theatre Practitioners and the Archives

            Room:             AM104 Arts Millennium

CHAIR:         Tanya Dean               (NUI Galway)


Catherine Trenchfield             Royal Holloway, University of London        

The Kneehigh Archive & The Asylum - archive and 'repertoire'

Varvara Sklez                          Theatrum Mundi, Independent Theatre Lab 

Archive as Performance: Historiography of Jerzy Grotowski

Natalya Baldyga                     (Tufts University)      

The Accidental (Digital) Archivist Considers Carlo Gozzi


13.       Discovering British Archives

            Room:             AM105 Arts Millennium

CHAIR:         Barry Houlihan                     (NUI Galway)


Rachel Foss and Stella Wisdom         (The British Library)  

Collaborative Creativity: Archival Personae at the British Library

Erin Lee                                              (The National Theatre)

The National Theatre of Great Britain and the International Stage

Ramona Riedzewski                           (The Victoria and Albert Museum, London)

Discovering local, national and international performance in the Theatre and Performance Collections at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London


10:30-10:45am                       Tea and coffee


10:45am-12:15pm      Plenary Three: Archives and the Performing Artist

Room: AM150: Máirtín O’Tnuathail Theatre


Louise Lowe (ANU Productions)

Paula McFetridge (Kabosh Productions)

Joan Sheehy (Limerick City of Culture, The Colleen Bawn Trials)

Colin Murphy (Journalist and playwright/screenwriter, Guaranteed)

Fearghal McGarry (School of History, Queen’s University Belfast)

Chair: Miriam Haughton


12:15-1:15pm                        Lunch


1:15-2:45pm               Concurrent Paper Session: Four

14.       The Unmarked in Irish Theatre Archives

Room: AM150: Máirtín O’Tnuathail Theatre

CHAIR:         Emilie Pine                             (University College Dublin)


Ciara Conway                         (National University of Ireland, Galway)                  

Staging Absence for Digital Historiography  

Brenda Donoghue                   (Trinity College Dublin)

Performing the Archives: tracing the presence of female playwrights in the cultural memory of the Abbey Archive 1995-2014      

Mark Phelan                            (Queens University Belfast)

“Digital examination (rubber gloves)”. Archives, Absence and the Anus of Roger Casement.


15.       The Matter of War:  Panel from University of Reading

            Room: AM200           Patrick F. Fottrell Theatre

CHAIR:         Ann Folino-White                 (Michigan State University)


Teresa Murjas                          (University of Reading)         

Surviving Objects

James Rattee                           (University of Reading)

Reading the Biscuit Town

Sonya Chenery                        (University of Reading)

Remediating Traces   


16.       Community, Folk Theatre and the Archive

CHAIR:         Marina Ni Dhubhain            (NUI Galway)

Room:             AM104 Arts Millennium


Daithí Kearney                        (Dundalk Institute of Technology)

Seeking Inspiration, Reliving Lives: The Role of Archives in Irish Folk Theatre

Mary Elizabeth Lange             (University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa)

Applied Storytelling in post-conflict community museums: District Six and Free Derry

Lauren Graffin                        (University of Ulster) 

BT Portrait of a City Archive 


17.       Tracy Ryan’s Strike! (2010): Archiving, Memorialising, and Performing an Irish Response to the South African Anti-Apartheid Movement

            Room: AM250 Colm O’hEocha Theatre


Shelley Troupe and Tracey Ryan        (Maynooth University and University of Sussex)


2:45-3pm        Coffee Break


3-4:30pm        Working Group Session – Breakout Groups

(Rooms to be announced)

·         Digitisation: Methodology and Ethics: led by Mairead Delaney, Aisling Keane Maria Ryan

·         Acts of War, Arts of Transition: Performance and the Practice of Power in Northern Ireland and South Africa: led by Miriam Haughton, Catherine Cole, Jane Taylor and Kieran Hoare

·         Modern Irish Theatre - Opening the Archives: led by Barry Houlihan, Fearghal McGarry and Ian Walsh

·         Archival Materials In/As Performance: led by Charlotte McIvor, Louise Lowe and Colin Murphy

·         Scenography and Theatre Technologies: led by Siobhan O’Gorman and Joe Vanek


4:30-4:45pm              Smoothie Break


4:45-6:15pm               Plenary Panel Four

                                    Room: AM150: Máirtín O’Tnuathail Theatre


Hugh Denard             (Trinity College Dublin)

‘Lost Theatres: Explorations in Irish Theatre History and Historiography’


Doug Reside               (New York Public Library)

‘Who Tells Your Story? Preserving the Performing Arts’


Chair: Barry Houlihan


6:30pm                       BOOK LAUNCH: Hardiman Research Building Lobby


Irish Theatrescapes: New Irish Plays, Adapted European Plays and Irish Classics

By Joe Vanek  Launched By: Elaine Sisson




Friday 24th July 2015


8:30-9am        Tea and coffee


9:00-10:30am             Concurrent Paper Session: Five

18.       European Perspectives: National Memory and Performing the Archive

Room: AM150: Máirtín O’Tnuathail Theatre

CHAIR:         Rhona Justice-Malloy           (University of Missisippi)


Monika Meilutytė                   (Kultūros braai)          

Ethics of Representing Archival Materials in Exposition and Performance:

The Case of Lithuania

Claudia Madeira                     (FCSH-New University of Lisbon)

An excessively noisy silence: relationship between art and colonial war in Portugal

Magdalena Rewerenda           (Adam Mickiewicz University)

‘Archive re-thinkers’ –Strategies of performing the archive in Polish contemporary theater- ‘Archive re-generation’?


19.       Theatre in Northern Ireland through the Archives

            Room: AM200           Patrick F. Fottrell Theatre

CHAIR:         Barry Houlihan                     (NUI Galway)


Eilis Smyth                              (The Shakespeare Institute, Birmingham University)

The Bard in Belfast: Staging Shakespeare During the Troubles

John Riddell                            (Theatre Projects Consultants)

The Archive and the lost spaces of Belfast’s Arts Theatre      

Conor O'Malley                      (Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht)

Performing the Troubles at the Lyric 1970 -1981      


20.       Performing the Jewish Archive: Looking Forward through the Past

Room: AM250 Colm O’hEocha Theatre

CHAIR:         Stephen Muir                         (University of Leeds)


Kate Wheeler                          (The National Archives)

Why Arts Archives?

Lisa Peschel                            (University of York)

Performing the Historical Context of a Cabaret…

Simo Muir                               (University of Leeds)

Between Two Worlds and Performances


21.       Visual Archives: Photos, Images and the Repertoire

Room:             AM104 Arts Millennium

CHAIR:         Justine Nakase                       (NUI Galway)


Rachel Emily Taylor                           (Sheffield Hallam University)

Photographic Documentation Foundling Museum

Allan Taylor                                        (Falmouth University)

From Presence to Performativity: What the still image does

Jihay Park                                            (Indiana University, Bloomington)

Still/Moving: Blending the Archive and the Repertoire


10:30-10:45am           Tea and coffee


10:45-12:15pm           Plenary Panel Five

                                    Room: AM200           Patrick F. Fottrell Theatre


 ‘Performing the Archives: Irish Women Playwrights of the 1930s and 40s’


Introduced by Professor Pól Ó'Dochartaigh, Registrar and Deputy President, NUI Galway


A staged reading of extracts from Cummins & Day’s Fox and Geese (1913), Mary Rynne’s Pilgrims (1938) and Elizabeth Connor’s Mount Prospect (1940)


Curated by Ciara O’Dowd (National University of Ireland, Galway)

Directed by Thomas Conway (Druid Director in Residence at NUI, Galway)

Featuring students from the Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance


12:15-1:15pm             Lunch


1:15-2:45pm                Concurrent Paper Session: Six

22.       Archives and Popular Performance

Room: AM150: Máirtín O’Tnuathail Theatre

CHAIR:         Ian Walsh                               (NUI Galway)


Elspeth Millar                          (University of Kent)  

Establishing the British Stand-Up Comedy Archive   

Conor Doyle                           (Independent Scholar)           

Dublin's Theatre Royal          

Sara Benoist                            (University of Paris-Sorbonne, France)

Circus research through time: private collections, public archives, the “dedicated amateur”, and the scholar       


23.       Locations/Locutions: Scripting the Archive of Irish Theatre

CHAIR:         Niamh Mary Bowe                (University of Reading)

Room: AM200           Patrick F. Fottrell Theatre


David Clare                             (National University of Ireland, Galway)      

Compiling a New, Composite Draft of Synge’s “When the Moon Has Set”  

Jenny Rogers                           (University College Cork)

Scripting the Archive: A Contemporary Lens on the Past

Trish McTighe (University of Reading)                                 

In Caves, in Ruins: Place as Archive at the ‘Happy Days Beckett Festival’  

Elizabeth Howard       (Waterford Institute of Technology) 

Proclaiming the Professional: Red Kettle Theatre Company 1985-1989



24.       Philosophy, Religion and The Archive  

CHAIR:         Patrick Lonergan                  (NUI Galway)

Room:             AM104 Arts Millennium



Claire Read                                         (Roehampton University)

Pondering Plato         

Adele Redhead                                   (University of Glasgow)

The Eucharist and Performance        

Hannah Elizabeth Allan                      (Manchester School of Art)   

The Fluxus score as text archive of past and future performance


25.       Objects & Ephemera within The Archive

Room: AM250 Colm O’hEocha Theatre

CHAIR:         Liza Penn-Thomas               (Swansea University)           


Hannah Manktelow                (University of Nottingham/The British Library)        

Reclaiming Regional Theatre History with the British Library Playbill Collection   

Katherine Johnson                              (Sheffield Hallam University)           

Can ephemera endure?: Performance Archives Live, Living and Online

Ann Folino White                               (Michigan State University)

Celebrated Actor Folks’ Cookeries: Performing in a Collection and Online


2:45-3:00pm               Tea and coffee


3-5pm                                     Plenary Panel Six

                                    Room: AM150: O’Tnuathail Theatre


‘Archives, Memory, Politics’

Emilie Pine (University College, Dublin), ‘Performing the Everyday Archive’


Lionel Pilkington (National University of Ireland, Galway), ‘“Who dares to speak of that which is not authorized?”: Archive-based research and the meaning of the Humanities'


Catherine Cole,  (University of California, Berkeley) ‘Performance Remains, (Non) Returns and Misfires: Ishi’s Survivance at Berkeley’


Chair: Charlotte McIvor


5-5:15pm                     Break


5:15-6:30pm                Closing Roundtable