17th International Conference on Nucleation & Atmospheric Aerosols Aug 13-17, 2007

Note:  Abstract submission has now closed.

The 17th ICNAA Proceedings will be published by Springer as a hardback and as an e-book.

Please click on this link for a template for your abstract submission.

Abstracts should be 4 pages and must be in WORD format.
Plenary Lecture Abstracts are expected to be up to 10 pages.

Colour is not accepted but greyscale is.

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Guidelines for Preparation of Extended Abstracts

1. File type:
Extended abstracts should be provided by submitting on-line in PDF(.pdf) format .  Please click here to submit your abstract on line.

2. Page layout and font:
The manuscript should conform to the template. Please use Times font only. Choose font style (roman, italic or boldfaced) appropriately.

3. Figures (Illustrations and Photographs):
a) Illustrations should be pasted into position on the typed page as close as possible to the first reference to them. Photographs may also be pasted into their respective positions. Please note that all illustration material must be supplied in black and white, as colored lines and photographs will not properly reproduce to give a faithful reproduction in the final form.

b) Also, all lines should be at least 0.5pt, because each page of the manuscript will be reduced before printing. Therefore, if line weights are too thin, they cannot be reproduced.

c) We request photographs be of good quality. They should be 300dpi greyscale.

d) Each figure should have a space of approximately two lines above and one line below. The figure number and caption should be typed below the illustration.

4. Tables:
Tables should be no wider than the width of the text. One line space should be left above the table heading, which includes the table number. Also, leave one line space between the heading and the table.

5. Equations:
Equations should be numbered consecutively. The equation number should be typed in parenthesis, flush with the right-hand margin of the column. Where mathematical expressions appearing in the text require more than a single line space, then the line containing such characters should be 1.5 spaces below the preceding line and above the following line.

6. References:
References should be numbered and appear at the end of the paper. All references listed must be cited in the text at an appropriate point in superscript form, as at the end of this sentence1). The form of listed references is as follows:

1. Brown, M. P., and Austin, K., The New Physique, Publisher City: Publisher Name, 1997, pp. 25-30.
2. Brown, M. P., and Austin, K., Appl. Phys. Letters 65, 2503-2504 (1994).
3. Wang, R.T., “Title of Chapter,” in Classic Physiques, edited by R. B. Hamil, Publisher City: Publisher Name, 1997, pp. 212-213.
4. Smith, C. D., and Jones, E. F., “Load-Cycling in Cubic Press” in Shock Compression in Condensed Matter-1997, edited by S. C. Schmidt et al., AIP Conference Proceedings 429, New York: American Institute of Physics, 1998, pp. 651-654.