2017 - International Criminal Court Summer School, June 19-23


Prof. Ray Murphy & Prof. William Schabas, ICC Summer School 2016, MRI Annex, NUI Galway

The provisional list (subject to change) of speakers for the 2017 Summer School is as follows:

  • Professor William Schabas (Irish Centre for Human Rights/Middlesex University);
  • Professor James Stewart (University of British Columbia);
  • Dr Fabricio Guariglia (Office of the Prosecutor, International Criminal Court);
  • Professor Megan A. Fairlie (Florida International University);
  • Professor Ray Murphy (Irish Centre for Human Rights);
  • Dr Rod Rastan (Office of the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court);
  • Dr Mohamed M. El Zeidy (International Criminal Court);
  • Professor Donald M. Ferencz (Middlesex University);
  • Dr. Noelle Quenivet (University of the West of England);
  • Dr. James Nyawo (INTERVICT, Tilburg University); 
  • Dr Nadia Bernaz (Middlesex University);
  • Mr. Richard J. Rodgers (Global Diligence LLP);
  • Mr. John McManus (Crimes against Humanity and War Crimes Section, Canadian Department of Justice)
  • Dr Noelle Higgins (Maynooth University);
  • Dr Shane Darcy (Irish Centre for Human Rights).


Ms. Fiona McKay, Mr. Orchlon Narantsetseg, and Prof. Megan Fairlie at the 2016 ICC Summer School's Special Session on Victims at the International Criminal Court