2017 - 10th World Sponge Conference, June 25-30
Travel Bursaries

A number of travel bursaries for researchers are available to encourage as many researchers as possible to attend the World Sponge Conference. 


NUI Galway’s Travel Bursaries | Available to applicants from Brazil


NUI Galway participated in the Brazilian student mobility programme – Science without Borders 2012 -2016, which was primarily funded by the Brazilian federal government. During this time, Ireland welcomed over 100,000 Brazilian third level  students. In recognition of the positive impact the initiative had on our university particularly on our scientific and technology communities, NUI Galway is offering 5 travel bursaries to researchers from Brazil attending the conference.


1.      There will be 1 travel bursary awarded covering participant's travel, accommodation, registration fee and conference dinner to a maximum value of €1,500.

2.       There are 4 travel bursaries to the value of €750 to contribute towards expenses.









 SFI funded Travel Bursaries | All applicants

  All applicants are welcome to apply for a  SFI  funded travel bursary to the value of €500 - €1,000.


How to apply


Applicants who wish to apply for either travel bursary must submit a document in pdf format and include the following information:


1.        Name and abstract submission no.

2.        250 words on why you are applying for a travel bursary

3.        A letter of support of supervisor confirming whether student has travel funding available to them from other sources. 


Please submit your pdf applications  HERE (please disregard title 'abstract' )


The deadline for application is 16th March 2017.

A decision will be confirmed to applicants by 31st March 2017.