2017 - International Eugene O'Neill Conference, July 19-22
Conference Programme

Eugene O’Neill: Ireland, the Constant Presence
The Tenth International Eugene O’Neill Conference, 2017
National University of Ireland Galway

Wednesday, July 19

10:00-11:30 Eugene O’Neill Society Board Meeting

12:00-5:00 Registration

12:30-2:00  Session 1: Performing Views: O’Neill, Glaspell, and Shakespeare
  Chair: David Clare, Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick
• Patrick Midgley, Texas Tech University, “Shakespeare and O’Neill, Cheek by Jowl: A One Man Mash-up”
• David Roessel, Mark Mallet, with students Alexandria Dobbin, Julie Eller, Stockton University, “A Female View of Women Artists in the Provincetown Players: Susan Glaspell’s A Stepchild of the Sun”

2:15-3:30  Session 2: Living Performance
  Chair: Katie Johnson, Miami University
• Dan McGovern, Board President of the Eugene O’Neill Foundation, “From Stage to Live Broadcasts and Streaming: O’Neill’s Theatre Guild Model in the Digital Age”
• Polly L. Heinkel, University of Essex, East 15 Acting School, “Breathing Life into O’Neill’s One Act: A Director’s Journey”
• Eric Fraisher Hayes, Eugene O’Neill Foundation, Tao House, “Producing the Unproduceable”

3:45-4:15 Abbey Theatre’s Eugene O’Neill Exhibit Lecture by Barry Houlihan, Archivist,    James Hardiman Library, National University of Ireland Galway

4:20-4:40 Abbey Theatre’s Eugene O’Neill Exhibit tour led by Barry Houlihan, Archivist

4:20-4:50 Abbey Theatre
5:00-6:20  Opening Reception

6:20-6:40  Welcome: Patrick Lonergan, National University of Ireland Galway
  Audrey McNamara, Conference Co-Chair, University College Dublin
   Nelson O’Ceallaigh Ritschel, Conference Co-Chair, Massachusetts Maritime    Academy, “The Irish O’Neill”

6:40-7:40     Keynote Address, Declan Kiberd, University of Notre Dame, "Losing  
  Irelands, Inventing Americas—O'Neill and After"
Thursday, July 20

8:30-9:30 Plenary 1, Gerardine Meaney, University College Dublin, “Eugene O’Neill on
  the Dublin Stage: The Irish-American Family”

9:45-11:00 Session 3a: The Women of the Provincetown Players and the Abbey Theatre
 Chair: Chris Westgate, California State University Fullerton
• Linda Ben-Zvi, Tel Aviv University,  “‘A Different Kind of the Same Thing’: Echoes of Synge and the Abbey Theatre Style in Glaspell’s Early One-Act Provincetown Plays”
• Marla Del Collins, Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus, “The Verge": To Grow or Die; Irishness and the Forces Unleashed”
• Drew Eisenhauer, Paris College of Art, "An Irish Triangle : Transatlantic Comedies of manners in Djuna Barnes’s An Irish Triangle, Louise Bryant’s From Paris to Main Street and Susan Glaspell's Woman's Honor”

  Session 3b: O’Neill: Plumbing the Depths and Power
  Chair: Beth Wynstra, Babson College
• Yuji Omori, Takushoku University and University of British Columbia, “A Yearning for the Flowering Earth: Reconsidering Nietzschean Philosophy in Eugene O’Neill’s The Great God Brown”
• Daniel Larner, Western Washington University, “The Comic Understructure of Desire Under the Elms: Opening the Depths of the Tragedy and the Pain of the Loss”
• David Palmer, Massachusetts Maritime Academy, “The Narrative Self and Remorse in O’Neill’s Later Tragedies”

11:15-12:30 Session 4a: Communications, Symbolisms, and Abjection
  Chair: Daniel Larner, Western Washington University
• Thierry Dubost, Université de Caen Normandie , “Dynamo and Lazarus Laughed: nonverbal communications”
• Marla Del Collins, Long Island University, “The Hidden Symbolisms in Strange Interlude”
• Kathleen McLennan, “Shame and Abjection in The Iceman Cometh”

Session 4b: Books and Place in Long Day’s Journey into Night
Chair: David Clare, Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick
• Stephen Watt, Indiana University, “James O’Neill-James Tyrone’s Bookcase in Long Day’s Journey
• William Davies King, University of California Santa Barbara, “O’Neill’s Irish ‘Con’ Man: Charles Lever”
• Marnie J. Glazier, Hartnell College, “Brooding Shores”

12:30-1:30 Lunch

1:30-2:45  Session 5a: Modernism, Women, and Capitalism
  Chair: Alexander Pettit, University of North Texas
• Kurt Eisen, Tennessee Technological University, “Modernism as Nostalgia: O’Neill in 1932”
• Beth Wynstra, Babson College, “’I Can Always Twist Him Round My Finger’: Calculated Love and Fallen Women in the Plays of Eugene O’Neill”
• Johan Callens, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, “Reimaging Capitalism: O’Neill’s The Iceman Cometh on the Flemish Stage”

Session 5b: O’Neill, Yeats, and Behan
Chair: Anthony Roche, University College Dublin
• Janet M. Roberts, Independent Scholar, “Masks and the Influence of the Noh Mask in Eugene O’Neill and W. B. Yeats”
• Rita Barnes, Tennessee Technological University, “Yeats, O’Neill, and the Staging of Irish National Identity”
• Deirdre McMahon, University College Dublin, “Hairy Apes and Quare Fellows: Formal Connectivity Through European Modernism in the Work of Eugene O’Neill and Brendan Behan”

3:00-4:15 Session 6: Irish Elements
Chair: Rita Barnes, Tennessee Technology University
• Herman Daniel Farrell III, University of Kentucky, “’A clannish pride before the world’: Eugene O’Neill on the Insular, Protective Nature of Irish Families”
• Adel Bahroun, University of Kairouan, “The Irish Nostalgic Longing in Long Day’s Journey into Night
• Mary Koutsoudaki, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, “When the Greek meets the Irish element in selected plays by Eugene O’Neill”

4:30-6:45  Dinner (on one’s own)

7:00   A Ronan Noone Evening:
• Sheila Hickey Garvey, Southern Connecticut State University, “A Celtic Tiger: The Repossessed Playwriting Career of Irish Playwright Ronan Noone”,
• 7:45: Performance. The Second Girl, by Ronan Noone, directed by Thomas Conway, Druid Theatre Director in Residence, National University of Ireland Galway

Friday, July 21

8:30-9:30 Plenary 2, Dan Murphy, University of Notre Dame, “Of Apes and Men of
  Steel: Corporeality and Historiography in O’Neill’s The Hairy Ape”

9:45-11:00 Session 7a: The Irish and America
  Chair: Audrey McNamara, University College Dublin
• Joshua Polster, Emerson College, “Irish Rebellion in O’Neill’s The Hairy Ape and Miller’s A Memory of Two Mondays
• Joel Pfister, Wesleyan University, Irish Radicalism vs. The American Dream: O’Neill’s Critique of Capitalism and Class”
• Matthew Wickey, Southern Illinois University, “’There’s more satisfaction in the earth than ever was in any book. . .’: Rereading the ‘Irish’ and ‘American’ in O’Neill’s Beyond the Horizon as Embodied in Production”

9:45-11:00 Session 7b: Psychology, Power, and a Photographic Mystery
  Chair: Robert M. Dowling, Central Connecticut University
• Ryder Thornton, University of California Santa Barbara, “Killing Catholic Guilt: Self-loathing and the Pyschology of Fascism in Iceman Cometh”
• Zander Brietzke, Independent Scholar, “The Triangulation of Power in More Stately Mansions”
• Steven Bloom, Lasell College, “A Photographic Mystery: From Casa Genottta to Marblehead Neck”

11:15-12:30 Eugene O’Neill Society Meeting

12:30-5:30 Lunch & Afternoon Free to Enjoy Galway and the Galway Arts Festival

6:00   Banquet Evening

  Reading from A Touch of the Poet with
  Sabina Higgins, First Lady of Ireland    
  Susanne Colleary, actor and academic, Sligo Institute of Technology

  Lecture by His Excellency, Michael D. Higgins, President of Ireland


  Medallion Awards:
  Steven Bloom, Lasell College
  William Davies King, University of California Santa Barbara
  Robert M. Dowling, Central Connecticut University
  Jessica Lange, actor
  Gabriel Byrne, actor

Saturday, July 22

8:30-9:30 Plenary 3: “How O’Neill’s Irishness ‘Translates’ for the Chinese”
• Shiyan (Helen) Xu (Presenter), Nanjing Normal University
• Robert M. Dowling (Respondent), Central Connecticut University

9:45-11:00 Session 8: Irish-American
  Chair: Nelson O’Ceallaigh Ritschel, Massachusetts Maritime
• David Clare, Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick, “Irish-American Identity in Eugene O’Neill’s Early Work”
• Gary Richardson, Mercer University, “O’Neill and Irish Identity: Irish-American Experience in A Touch of the Poet”
• J. Chris Westgate, California State University Fullerton, “O’Neill’s & Byrne’s Transatlantic Exchange: Determining the Irishness in A Touch of the Poet”

11:15-12:30 Session 9: Immigrant and Racial Imaging
  Chair: David Palmer, Massachusetts Maritime Academy
• Patrick Chura, University of Akron, “O’Neill, Michael Gold, and Immigrant Theatre”
• Alexander Pettit, University of North Texas, “The Fountain: Anger and Indigeneity”
• Katie N. Johnson, Miami University, “Black to Ireland: O’Neill within the Green & Black Atlantics”

12:30-1:30  Lunch

1:30-2:45     Session 10: O’Neill and the Irish
 Chair: Nelson O’Ceallaigh Ritschel, Massachusetts Maritime Academy
• Wayne Narey, “Eugene O’Neill’s ‘Irish Play’: The Iceman Cometh”
• Eileen J. Hermann, “The [Irish] Hound of Heaven’ and Eugene O’Neill”
• Jeff Kennedy, “The Irish Players in New York, 1912”

3:00-4:15 Closing Roundtable Discussion: “O’Neill and the Irish Tradition”
 Chair: Declan Kiberd, University of Notre Dame
 Robert Dowling, Central Connecticut University
 Charlotte McIvor, National University of Ireland Galway
 Audrey McNamara, University College Dublin
 Gerardine Meaney, University College Dublin
 Gary Richardson, Mercer University
 Nelson O’Ceallaigh Ritschel, Massachusetts Maritime
 Stephen Myers Watt, Indiana University