2017 - 10th World Sponge Conference, June 25-30


 Book of Abstracts

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Poster Presentations

All posters and speed talks (that require poster allocation) that fall under Systematics, Symbiosis and Biomolecules will be on display Monday and Tuesday during the conference. The poster session for these themes will take place Tuesday, 27 June at 18.00 -19.00

All posters and speed talks  (that require poster allocation) that fall under Ecology and Molecular will be on display Wednesday and Thursday during the conference. The poster session for these themes will take place Wednesday, 28 June at 18.00 -19.00.

For those presenting speed talks who do not need a poster allocation, please notify Maeve on conference@nuigalway.ie  by 14 June.

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Posters - Monday, Tuesday: Systematics, Symbiosis, Biomolecules

Posters - Wednesday, Thursday: Ecology, Molecular, Cell & Organismal Biology



The speed talk is a new format to communicate science in a short period of time. For the Sponge conference the speed talk will be of five minutes including questions, which means you will have to give a three to four minutes presentation and allow at least one minute for questions.


As in any other oral presentation, you need to be able to communicate your research following the scientific method, but in a short period of time, and include:


1) Context of your research

2) The question or objective of your research

3) Methods

4) Results

5) Contribution of your results/ what they mean and are important


To achieve communication without rushing, you can prepare 5 slides, one for each of these points, plus your title and acknowledgments. Then, you need to divide the time per slide, and pick carefully what message you want to communicate. My recommendation is that you write exactly what you plan to say in each slide and check your time, until you manage to explain each slide without rushing. Practice standing up and against the timer, and make sure you go slow.


Remember, you do not have to repeat exactly what it is in the slide. The slide communicates half of what you have to say. So, take advantage of the graphics to communicate; “an image value more than 1000 words”.


The art of the speed talk is to communicate your research in a simple way, without loosing the science behind. I know, one to five years of work in three minutes presentation sounds horrible. But, the ability to communicate your research in three minutes is a great skill to have. Yes, it is challenging and much harder than communicate the same information in 10 minutes.


Remember, the speed talk is to enable the audience to review exiting research in a short period of time. So, you do not need to get into detail. The idea is instead to inspire them to look into your research, so keep your format and content accurate and rigorous.



Conference Programme

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