2017 - 10th World Sponge Conference, June 25-30
Chairing a Session

World Sponge Conference 2017

Chairing a Session

Role of the Chair

Before the session:

  • Read the abstracts of the presentations in advance
  • Be prepared to ask a question for each presentation
  • Check whether all presenters are present. Verify whether the presenters are the first authors of the abstracts, ensuring you are announcing the correct presenter  
  • Arrive at the appointed room at least 10 minutes before the session starts
  • Familiarize yourself on how the AV works and any other equipment if required

During the session:

  • At the start of the session, briefly introduce yourself and explain the timing system to the audience

  If you are introducing a keynote speaker, spend a short time (no more than a minute or two) introducing them based on their biography in the programme

  • Very briefly introduce each (non-keynote) speaker name , affiliation and title of the presentation
  • Be certain that the entire audience can hear the speaker.
    • Each Oral presentation is 15 minutes (12 min + 3 min Q&A) including turnaround
    • Each Speed talk presentation is 5 minutes (4 min + 1min Q&A) including turnaround

Time management:

  • Adhere strictly to the scheduled times in the printed program
  • Manage the session and control the timing of each presentation to maintain the overall schedule of the papers
  • No paper is to start ahead of the scheduled time. In the event that a paper is cancelled, the time is either to be used for additional discussion or the session shortened
  • If your session finishes before coffee / lunch please inform delegates what time the next sessions starts.  If it is the last session of the day, remind the audience of the plans for the evening.