Development's Futures Conference 2007
Presentation Format


Full Papers


An e-book of all the conference papers will be produced immediately after the conference. We also have a longer term aim of producing a publication of a selected number of conference papers.

The deadline for the conference paper is the 31st October 2007.

Papers should be:

•  No more than 4,000 words in length
•  In Times New Roman Font size 12
•  Double spaced
•  Page numbers clearly marked at the bottom of each sheet
•  Please use the Harvard referencing system:
         o Simple references are to be inserted within article text as follows: (Briggs, 1995, p.24).
         o The bibliographical list of all works referred to in the text is to follow the main  text in alphabetical order using the following format:

• Books:             
Robson, P (2001) State Politics, Routledge, London.
• Journal articles:      
     Wilson, R (2004) ‘Conflict in Focus’, Journal of Conflict Studies, Vol.2, No.4,pp.24-36.
• Chapters in books of edited collections:
     Marshall, A (1995) ‘Finding the global locally’ in S Peterson and F Bragg (eds.), Common Perspectives in integrated development, Routledge, London.

          •    Please also include author information on a separate cover sheet. This should include contact details, and a short biography of areas of interest and current work. (Please clarify which of these details you wish to be published).

Please submit full papers to by the 31st October 2007. 
Presentation Guidelines
Oral Presentations:

          • Presentations must be compatible with PowerPoint 2003
          • Presentations must be maximum of 20 minutes in length to allow sufficient time for questions and answers. 
          • Use of transparencies are discouraged and slides will require special requests and notification in advance.

Poster Presentations:

          • Size: Maximum poster size is 115 cm high and 88 cm wide (A0)
          • Materials must be easily read at a distance of 1.5 m.
          • A poster printed on one large sheet is encouraged. 
          • Hand written posters are not accepted.
          • Ideally posters should be in ‘Portrait’ format rather than ‘Landscape’